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Botox - It All Depends on the Skill of the Doctor

I've had Botox with 3 different doctors. One was...

I've had Botox with 3 different doctors. One was great, with the other two I had terrible results. I learned that it all depends on the doctor.

I started about 4 years agao with Doctor # 1. My eyelids started drooping, my eyebrows went up at the corners Jack Nicholson style. He never got my frown line area immobilised. Results lasted 4 weeks at best.

Then I went to Dr. # 2. The results were great! It still looked natural. I can still lift my eyebrows slightly but not pull them together (the frownline is my biggest concern). Forehead and crowsfeet were smoothed out. I don't think anyone ever noticed that I had Botox. I just look younger and relaxed. I have been going to this doctor for the past 3 years.

Around Christmas time I couldn't get an appointment scheduled when I had time though. Since I happened to be at my dermatologist I asked him for Botox. Big mistake! It didn't work at all betweeen the eyebrows and the forehead started to move again after just a couple of weeks. So I went back. He gave me another big dose between the eyebrows (30 units). I was sick for 4 days afterwards (nautious, killer headache) and hardly could make it out of bed. On top of it he charged double what I usually pay.

Needless to say that in future I'll stick with doc #2 and make sure that I schedule appointments in time.


You are so right, it really comes down to the skill of the Doctor who is performing any procedure. My cousin, a 45 year old male, who is in the beauty business, had Botox on his eyes, and one of them drooped very badly. My cousin hadn't really looked into the credentials of the doctor, and for 3 months, he had to wear sunglasses because the drooping was so bad on his one eye. You are right on. Skill is everything!!!
Dear Erika, I'm glad you have a doctor you like. How much do you pay per area? The one time I had it done 'per area' the doctor charged me $500 (my results weren't that good with that particular doctor, either).
Actually my preferred doctor charges per Botox session and I prefer it that way. He just does whatever is necessary on my face at that time for a fixed price. Sometimes it's probably a little more and sometimes less. I figure it'll average out. If it turns out to be not enough I get some extra shots later free of charge (only happened once in 3 years). So basically I'm paying for the result. When I was charged by unit (3rd doctor) I paid twice as much. How do I know how many units I really need or how many I'm getting? Seems some doctors get better results with less units by injecting it the right way. With a fixed price I know what I'm going to pay and I can budget accordingly.
Miami Oculoplastic Surgeon

Excellent results. See review. He's Dr #2

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