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Botox Smoothed Crows Feet but Accentuated Lines Directly Under Eyes

I am 48 and had some sun damage - crows feet. pros...

I am 48 and had some sun damage - crows feet. pros good result where botox taken - cons - created severe lines directly under my eyes and told cannot correct. Only solution told eye surgery! Will not review for 3 weeks - so consequently feel worse than I did before!

Hi Marie Was just wondering if you have had any improvement with this as your botox has worn off? I had my crow's feet injected 5 months ago, which has still not fully worn off. I have loads of crazy lines unde my eyes now which were not there before. I am scared and upset at this whole ordeal. Wondering if you can offer any reassurance?

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I just had Botox for the first time about 3 weeks ago and I to noticed that it seems that I have MORE lines under my eyes now then I did before. He did my crows feet (which were very minimal lines) and then my upper brow to open my eye a bit, and now it seems I have more lines...I will keep you posted!

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no comment at present time still early days

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