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I'm 35 and had started to see lines between my...

I'm 35 and had started to see lines between my brows after being out in the sun, squinting, or frowning so I took advantage of a special while on vacation and had just 12 units of Botox at a medspa. It did not hurt at all, like a quick pinch at the time and no pain whatsoever later on. It took two days to see the results and I was amazed- the lines are gone! The RN at medspa told me that it's a great preventative measure in your 30's, especially for fair-skinned people like me. I'll definitely be getting more when it wears off, and will probably get it around my crow's feet as well. Highly recommended - great way to make a positive change to your appearance for very little money and no pain.

Vida Medspa

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Where did you get it done. Location of Spa?
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