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I consulted with Dr H to discuss getting botox for...

I consulted with Dr H to discuss getting botox for a chemical brow lift, and also asked him about injecting the DAO for downturned corners of the mouth (which he states he DOES NOT perform) and masseter (again, he DOES NOT perform). Dr H stated that injecting the last 2 areas he does not do because of reports of patients having to get a feeding tube afterwards or losing ability to chew. Whatever..he apparently isn't experienced with advanced botox techniques, as he stated he only does it for forehead wrinkles, forwn lines and crow feet. I went to another Dr. who did inject the ocularis depressor muscle, and I couldn't be happier with the results of the brow lift!


Botox is not even FDA approved for anything around the face except for your Glabular muscles. There are so many horror stories about people on this site that their Dr did do the muscles you wanted done and now they look freakish and in some cases cannot even eat! I applaud your Dr for not wanting to take that chance. Have a look around at how many poeple suffered at the hands of greedy Dr's that would rather take the money than do what is best for their patients.
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I agree with butterflyinthewind. I have to respect a doctor who can say "No". It's not that the procedure can't be done, but I don't want someone injecting my face if they aren't comfortable with it (either physically or ethically). Still, I'm glad you got the results you wanted and that everything turned out okay.

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So-actually you are happy with the item you just have a problem with the doctor who did not wish to treat the specific areas you wanted-I think you can always find a doctor that will do what you want-using the Botox in areas it was not meant for can lead to horrid side affects even if at first it seems to work ok. Good luck
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Michael F. Hynes, MD

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