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minimal pain and swelling. - Love the Results - Oklahoma City, OK

Minimal pain and swelling. The only thing that was...

minimal pain and swelling. The only thing that was hard was remembering to make my frown face  and to raise my brows every fifteen minutes.  It was fun waking up every morning to see the progress of the Botox.  The muscles between my brows needed a touch up after ten days, but {provider names above} guarantees her work so that was free.


Bruising after any type of injection is a possibility. Unfortunately you are blindly sticking a needle under the skin and there is the possibility of small blood vessels being damaged causing bleeding and subsequent bruising. The good news is that it does completely go away in time. The swelling after Juvederm is normal and usually resolves within about a week. More concerning is continued pain after injection. There is usually a minimal amount of discomfort the day of the procedure but if this persists, I would contact your physician and ask their opinion.
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Hi Schelly On Thursday I had botox inject between brows and around the eyes..Corner of right eye..still bruised. black and blue.not raised..just does not look nice..they told me it will go away.. Any ideas? I also had juvederm in my smile lines..looks good..a bit swollen and painful still.just have 2 little red dots that seem to be going away..but I am in pain..Is this normal? I do love the look..I am VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE EYE BRUISING Thanks Carol {edited contact information} Editor note: You must be contacted privately to receive the information you requested. Other registered users may privately contact you by clicking on your username, provided that you have opted to receive private messages (Select “My settings” to update your preference).
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I have had Botox on numerous occasions. The bruising generally goes away and results take about 7-10 days to really show. I am a firm believer in using Emla cream (lidocaine cream)on the areas that I am having done. This is a prescription cream- apply a thick layer and cover it with saran wrap about 45 minutes before the procedure. The last time I had it on the forehead I develped bilateral brow droop and that lasted as long as the botox. While it wasn't severe, it still was noticeable to me. For me it is more uncomfortable to have the forehead done than around the eyes. I had Active FX done a month ago so I want the Botox again to really inprove those wrinkles around my eyes. I have also had Restylane and that was a little painful. Also had redness and swelling but after about 10 days that disappeared and everything smoothed out. I was happy with those results. Best thing to do is to apply an icepack to the area- 15 minutes on, 15 off for a while right after the procedure. My doctor put wet paper towels in a plastic bag, and then put it in the freezer. Conforms well to the face and lasts for about 15 minutes. Easy to do at home. Just be a little patient.
Schelly Hill

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