Botox Not Working on Forehead Lines

I'm 38 and 12 days ago I had botox on my...

I'm 38 and 12 days ago I had botox on my horizontal forehead lines and see very little difference at all. Is this normal? Is it possible it will 'kick in' in the next 2 days?

I did drink alcohol at a friend's party the night before the procedure and wondered would this have any impact on how it works? I was advised by the physician not to drink alcohol for the 4 hours after the procedure and not to bend down - instructions I did follow!

The physician also said that I would need an extra dose (which she applied) as the lines were already visible at rest - so I am especially disappointed that I can still see those lines!

From what I understand about Botox, if you already have lines/wrinkles, they will fade with time once you are no longer able to make the expression that caused the lines/wrinkles in the first place. If you can still lift your eyebrows and make your forehead wrinkle up, then you probably need to go back in for a touch up. If you can't wrinkle your forehead any longer, then the lines that you still see should get better in time. I was also told that you have to wait 21 days for your full result. Hope this helps.
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