Botox: No Results

Had 4 injections within a two weeks period by two...

Had 4 injections within a two weeks period by two doctors. My "11" forehead lines look EXACTLY THE SAME. I really believe that I need to find a truly good injector, or I have immunity to the toxin.

it would be interesting to know how old the vial of botox was. it has a short shelf life. if the dr. does not do a lot of botox it could be sitting to long and become ineffective.
Sorry your results were not as desired. It makes me wonder if the md is properly trained +/- if they really are using botox (is it already open when they bring it in???). I had about 20 units (maybe 10-12- ish injections ) and my 11 is gone... happily, it is also being found to be an effective preventive treatment for migraines. I'd ask some questions! Mine cost about $200.
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Both acted like they knew what to do, results, except a bad headache for three days.

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