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Botox Made Me Sensitive to the Rest of my Flaws

Botox is a curse. There, I said it. I can’t...

Botox is a curse. There, I said it. I can’t recommend Botox because it made me sensitive to the rest of my flaws and what woman doesn’t have a list of them, even if no one else knows? I had Botox done six months ago on my forehead and crow’s feet. It worked great in both places, stuck around for four months, maybe a little longer. I say that the Botox worked great because it did freeze my muscles. It did such a great job that it made the rest of my face look old, haggard, and tired. I hated this side effect and that there was nothing to do about it. After fifteen years of frown lines and ten years of crow’s feet, I finally did something and all I could think about then was my sagging this or drooping that. It accentuated the wrinkles everywhere, especially where the Botoxed areas merged with the normal areas under my eyes and around my nose, I felt like I had a half-mask on. Horrible. I never considered this aspect of cosmetic work before but now I will. I had been researching a facelift, knowing Botox wouldn’t be permanent. I stopped wasting my time after this experience. If I lift my face I know I will hate my sagging chin or my wrinkly chest or something else and that is not worth it to me. I can see how people get addicted to these things because it is nice to look better and correct your flaws. The problem is, there will always be flaws and few people, even celebrities, can afford to fix everything. You wouldn’t have time to do anything else.
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I agree with your comments about drawing your attention to other flaws. I had botox for the first time a month ago, between the eyebrows and for crows feet.Here in Australia, botox is not as "common" as in the US.The mere fact that i had it amazed my friends! I love the fact I dont have the frown line between the brows, but since having it on my crows feet, and a few units under the eyes, I really notice the lines under my eyes.As you said, as if the two areas merge.Under my eyes looks hollow. Next time I will only have the frown lines done.It makes me not want to smile, so what's the point of that? Actually, if I squint as I smile, the lines disappear. Really natural huh?
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