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Botox Lasted 1 Week! - Tucson, AZ

Forehead lines and crows feet. Had to wait 1 week...

Forehead lines and crows feet. Had to wait 1 week for it to begin to work, then it seemed great but ONLY for 1 week! Going back tomorrow for the 2 week checkup. MANY units paid for, but I've never had it NOT last like this time!!


Ive also had Botox injected by Dr. Lo, my experience is the best yet, and I've had Botox several times, done by several different Doctors. If you research Botox and the process you will find that it responds differently in different people, and on occasion hardly at all. Dr. Lo has you sign a form that states all the possible outcomes, that being one of them. It does not sound that if this were the case, that you would hold a Dr. Responsible for how the body reacts. With that being said, in all fairness to both Dr. and patient, another update, if you've tried Botox elsewhere and it's worked exceedingly better? An updated review could help the Realself community to better evaluate Dr. Lo. I do hope since you enjoyed the results, that another alternative has or can be found for you.
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Hi Cranberry,

Welcome to the community. I have heard Botox can take up to a week or two to see results, but have not heard of it going away so quickly. However, here is an answer from one of our doctors about the length and effectiveness of Botox that might help. Please keep us updated after your two week check up.

Thanks for the review,


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Thank you so much, I read the material.

Yes, Took about 4 days for it to work... My gf & I did this together, so we met to admire both our faces :-)

Both very happy, I was happy that my brows lifted, crows feet were almost gone, forehead smoother! She had her 11 lines done and again great results! 5 days later, brows went back down, forehead I could seriously make wrinkes!!!

Yesterday recheck and expressed my concerns (Botox wasn't "cheap" but was on a MONDAY-- read that link)... He said I may just need more than others but he put 22 units around my eyes, but he did put more into my forehead. Will go back again in 1 week.

Thoughts, he showed where my gf's other muscles were trying to recruit to make her squint 11's again. My eyes were actually coming up from cheeks, but forehead WAS still an issue, and brows lifting THEN falling not usual.

Hoping I can up my rating of this doctor as I think he listens to concerns, seems to know what he is doing, maybe I just got an old batch?? Well see this week what happens...
Tucson Oculoplastic Surgeon

Although very thoughtful, listened and discussed various areas my face wasn't cleansed 1st (watched my gf get her botox in same room), they didn't clean my area before and the Botox lasted 1 WEEK only :-(

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