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Botox Is Great (I Think)!

I got botox for the first time 02/14/09. Nothing...

I got botox for the first time 02/14/09. Nothing too painful at all.I had an awful "1" line. He injected about 16 shots (forehead, between eyes)and even put 2 small injections in my one eyebrow (that eye always drooped). It is now 5 days later and while I can see about 50% improvement, that pesky "1" line is there, not as strong, but there. Called doctor and he said it takes a full 7 days, but had me make another appointment on 02/28 (14 days later) just in case I need more! I am happy, but not over the moon with my results. I talked to my friend and she suggested her doctor, so in 3 months I'll go to that doctor.

Dr. Joseph Ross

He numbs head before shots, takes his time and is willing to have me come back for follow-up (if needed).

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Sorry dr. Nichols number is614-834-7030.
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Dr.Gina Nochols is a great dr and if u bring 2 friends u get a deal each unit is 7.44 best price I've found. Dr Nichols is in Pickerington Oh 614-834-3070 I would call and ask some questions.
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What's his name and number?
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The doctor I used is {edited - we've added your provider info to the top of the review; viewable to registered users} and he is located in the medical building next to St. John's WestShore. I have been a patient of his and there was no consultation fee. The second I have to get the name from my hairdresser and he may (or may not) charge a consultation fee.. If he does charge, I'll go back to my Dr. and just explain.. When I get the name of the 2nd and if there's a charge, I'll post again.. Thanks..
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Doctors: What is the Doctor's name your are going to go to in 3 months.
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where did you go? i live in the akron area and have been calling around in regards to botox however it is ridiculous how much most charge just for consultation. i would much rather have someone recommend a doctor than to guess. if you could let me know thanks!!
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