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BOTOX IS EVIL - Beverly Hills, CA

Dont believe your doctor when they say...

Dont believe your doctor when they say "nothing can go wrong." or "it's rare" i went to a doctor (high profile in beverly hills---writes articles for journals etc etc) he did juvaderm first--very little. i liked it so trusted him.

i asked about the horizontal lines on my forehead--they weren't bad so iasked it doing them would efect my eyes or make my frown lines worse. he answered no--nothing to worry about.

four days later my eye lids were fleshy--again he assured me --nothing was wrong. six days later i woke up and one eye had NO LID--i went to see him--he said it was all in my head--HEY I HAVE NO LID ON ONE EYE---he said the problem was my skin. it was too fleshy--he's a dermatologist--how come he didn't know this could happen? he said the answer was more botox in my frows because he thinks they are ugly---course i didn't have them BEFORE HE SHOT ME WITH BOTOX. he had this attitiude that i was to blame because i have extra skin--yes, it's called an eye lid.

don't believe any doctors. they just want your money. i would say if you are only talking about a few lines it is NOT WORTH THE RISKS

before i look really nice --guys fifteen years my juniior were asking me out---now i am in hiding til the BOTOX makes it way out. this is horrible BOTOX IS FROM HELL.

Don't believe your doctor when they say...

Don't believe your doctor when they say "nothing can go wrong" or "it's rare."

I had a few brow lines. Didn't inject anywhere close to eye. Droopy eye lid. Painful headaches.

Yes it wore off. My eye lid has been a little droopy every since.

If you are talking about a few lines. It's not worth the risk.

Beverly Hills Dermatologist

I think it's the luck of the draw.

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Hi nickname 99, A friend of mine had the same thing happen to her from a botox treatment. She had gotten botox several times before and then got a different injector and her eyebrow/eyelid dropped. She also said that even after the botox wore off the lid never quite recovered. However, she then later had a Sciton profractional laser treatment and it tightened up the skin around her eyes including the droopy lid. 3 weeks ago, I had the profractional laser treatment myself (200 microns deep with a 50 micron all over laser peel first) and have noticed a significant tightening of the skin around the eyes. If you think that profractional may be worth a try, it is hugely important that you go to a physician who knows what s/he is doing and has a lot of experience with the profractional laser treatment. Best wishes.
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Yes BOTOX is veil and the Doctors will deny deny deny cause its their product they make money from!!
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they have got to come up with something more precise. a lot of suffer from the effects. why can't they use something topical?
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I had 200iu of botox injected into my neck, shoulder and head area for relief of muscle spasms/chronic pain/headache. For the two weeks that followed, I could not move my neck, lift my arms or turn my head. Its been two months, and I still have tenderness on my head and get shooting pains in my neck. I nearly fainted during the injection process. Now, I'm dealing with tinitis, and not sure where it came from..possibly the botox. Trust me, I NEVER will forget and do it again.
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I have had Botox done regularly over the past four years to lines between eyes, forehead and crows feet. Seems to work every time except for two times. The first time, the doctor did not know what he was doing. Instead of injecting into muscle areas, we was injecting right into the line. It did nothing since the muscle itseft was not getting the Botox where it is needed. Second time, the doctor was charging this very high price per unit and instead of putting in the right amount of units, he did less and the results were gone in about a month. Normally it lasts at least 6 months (and it lasts longer the longer you have it done). The lesson here is know you doctor and know your specific treatment by asking questions...how many units are you getting, the price per unit, how many years has doctor been doing Botox, etc. If you are not getting results seeing one doctor, go see another doctor.
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Botox worked for me for years and all of a sudden It didn't. I even had the test done at a lab to determine if I had built up an immunity to it and it came back negative,or no, but I still do not get any results. Anyone ever had this happen to you?
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