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Great, if You Want to Look Like You've Had a Stroke

I'm 43 and had 20 units of Botox done on my crows...

I'm 43 and had 20 units of Botox done on my crows feet a little over a month ago.  It was great for the first 10 days.  Almost all of my wrinkles around my eyes were gone.  After the 10th day, my smile and facial expressions of my smile changed.  I look like I've had a stroke.  One side of my mouth just doesn't move.  I look like a weirdo.  My partner says, "I want my girl back".  It's horrible!  I called my doc.  He said it's probably due to migration and should only last three weeks.  I just hope it goes away soon.  Otherwise, I'm NEVER doing Botox again. 

Thank you for asking. I'm sorry you're having to experience this too. My smile is back. It lasted about 4 months, I'm sad to say. It seems that the Botox migrated down into some facial muscles that control my smile. So I tried doing Botox again, but this time applying it only on the upper eye muscles. It's worked out fine. I imagine in your case it will last a few months. Gradually you'll see your smile came back. Every face is different. You doctor needs to adjust his or her treatment to work with your individual face. That's what my doctor has done. He cut the dose to a quarter of the amount he uses on most people. And he now avoids the lower eye muscles. It's working perfectly now. I have empathy for you. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I hope it clears up soon. bg
How is your smile now? I have no upper lip movement and I am just sick about this! I did not have botox any where near my mouth, from the crows feet to the bunny lines of my upper nose and now my upper lip wont smile or lift up over my upper teeth. I look ridiculous. When I laugh or smile I cover my mouth with my hand, how long did yours last or is it all the way yet. I sure hope you got your normal smile back, this is horrible. Take care!
It's a little better, in that, my smile is not as crooked. However, my smile and face is NOT back to normal. Thanks for asking.
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Trust your intuition. Before I did it, I feel some distrust and reluctance to use this provider. I should have listened to my intuition. From now on, I will.

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