Botox Gone Wrong!

Had botox one week ago. After the first few days,...

Had botox one week ago. After the first few days, everything looked and felt great. However, by day 5, my left eyelid started to droop. It has gotten so bad that it is effecting my vision now and causing bad headaches.

Dr said that the eyelid could droop for up to a month. That's just great because right now I look like a freak! I was also giving Iopidine drops for my eyes. I am not a big fan of Botox now and probably wouldn't do it again.

Please ignore this post!! It was not posted by...

Please ignore this post!! It was not posted by the actual patient and should be removed!
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well, is it or not a genuine report on Botox..or someone just putting others off???? Who then put on to ignore the posting..????
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The drops are magical? It's a process to get the right amount in the right place. Always talk to the doctor to work out any issues. I had the droop one time in the last decade and the drops fixed it in three days!
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Dr. D's nurse Amanda is AWESOME with botox injections. She is the only person I'd go to ever. The practice is great - sorry about the eye droop!

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I did not use iopidine. I just waited for the Botox to wear off. I'm gonna say it took about 3-4 weeks for improvement of the drooping eyelid. I've had injections since that time and have not had any problems whatsoever. I LOVE Botox. It gives me a browlift and softens the elevens. Be patient with your eyelid.
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I am in Virginia Beach area. Where did you go? At last tell me the street name so I can avoid! Also, where did you have it injected? For crow's feet or the '11s'?
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I've had Botox several times and it only happened once that the eyelid drooped. All the other times I got a fanastic result. The drooping will go away. It's not permanent.
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How long did it take to go away the drooping eyelid, I´ve been having it for a week already and Im using iopidine, did you use it too, what did you feel when using it? Thanks so much for your reply.
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