Botox Gone Bad - One Eyelid Completely Closed

I just wanted to look a little fresher for my...

I just wanted to look a little fresher for my son's graduations and upcoming weddings. My right eye has completely closed and I had to take a medical from my job as a nurse since I can't really do patient care.

It has been 8 days since my eyelid has completely closed. It's depressing. My doctor said it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months for the eyelid to open and is not really sure. I look like a freak.

It is very scarey at this time only being able to see out of one eye and not knowing when I can return to work.

A few comments: As an RN (or even LPN), you surely researched Botox, and read up on the potential side effects. Not to mention that you signed (as required by law) a waiver acknowledging your understanding of potential side effects prior to injections. There are drops that you can use in your eye to help combat the ptosis (eyelid droop.) You did not lose your vision, but did have a side effect that is not permanent. I do feel for you, but this is a risk of the procedure. Fortunately, not permanent as plastic surgery would be. Patch the eye, and go back to work. If you are not willing to accept the potential risks of the procedure, then do not have the procedure done again.

My father is passing for the same problem as you Sir please let me know if your eye finally open, I will wait for your comments please answer me.
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My eyelid is completely shut, I can't drive safely, workout, go to work and the doctor doesn't even think I should be compensated.

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