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Paid $400, $600, and $900 and it is worth it! If...

Paid $400, $600, and $900 and it is worth it! If you had a bad experience chances are you went to the wrong doctor. I have been to several doctors and there is a very big difference from one to the next.

But don't judge by price -- some of the cheap ones are great some are terrible. Same for the expensive ones. Talk to people and check out the doctor before you go.


I had Botox on my entire forehead - I have 6 continuous horizontal lines across my forehead and i'm only 35. Mine cost $225 for the ENTIRE area and was done by a RN / aesthetician who is overseen by a doctor. I had some bruising, but I am like that anyway. It took a few days to kick in (so that my 'wrinkles' didn't move) and then it was strange because I "FELT" like I was raising my eyebrows (and therefore showing my forehead lines) but when I looked in the mirror, my forehead and eyebrows didn't move ! While this was great for my wrinkles, I kinda missed my usual expressions as I really 'talk' with my eyes and am constantly raising my eyebrows when I talk. It made me seem just expressionless. No-one noticed though. Also I had a 2 months headache, but the nurse and the manufacturer said this coulnd't possibly be the Botox as they GIVE Botox to prevent headaches. I'm just about to go for another round, and see if I still have the headache. If I do, I won't be having it again.
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You have to check it out for yourself. Talk to people and ask questions.

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