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Couldn't Be Happier

I was very nervous during my first treatment, but...

I was very nervous during my first treatment, but I wanted to get rid of the hideous lines between my eyes, vertical lines on the forehead and crow's feet. The experience was no bid deal - minimal pain and no swelling or bruising.

The pain is like a sharp pinch, but it doesn;t last long enough to be a problem.Be sure to shoose your dermatologist or plastic surgeon carefully. I truly believe the results are 90% dependent on the skill of the injector and placement of injections. The first time 80 units used and this was too much. There was minor assymetry and a temporary brow droop. This self-corrected after a few weeks. The next time I only took 50 units. The results are nothing short of amazing.

People notice I look better an younger but they donl;t know why! Love it. The lines are virtually gone and they are not the first thing I see anymore when I look at myself. I look younger, less and angry and less tired. I recently has my thrid treatment along with juvaderm/collagen in the upper lip. I couldn;t be ahppier with the results.

Dr. Patricia Dickerson, Dickerson Dermatology, Centerville, OHio

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I was curious about who you used. I am looking for a doctor to do some injections between my brows, and I just dont know where to start. My email is aliciaroth23@yahoo.com. Thank you.
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