Botox Eyelid Remedy

My first time have botox I had a full vial. The...

My first time have botox I had a full vial. The first few days I was very happy but now, 8 days, my eyelids are so puffy I can barely see.

I'm hoping this reaction won't last long. I would not recommend using so many units the first time. Next time I will be using a lot less units.

Overall I'm still glad that I had the botox.

Eight days ago, I had 1 vial of Botox injections. My eyelids have become increasingly swollen. I also have high, puffy cheekbones that makes the situation worse. I can barely open my eyes. Can I put a cold compress on my eyes or do something else to reduce the swelling?

I had botox injections two days ago, spent 800 dollars and look much older due to swelling and puffy eyes. My eyes feel sticky and stiff. I don't want to leave my house looking like this but I have to go to work.
Hi Kkatz.. It's been nearly 5 months since your post, im in the same position as you. Has the swelling in your eyes subsided and how long did it take?
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