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I had botox injections for the first time...

I had botox injections for the first time approximately 4 months ago. Although I'm 45, I had never had a problem with wrinkles until the last year or so when I noticed my crows feet/laugh lines were becoming somewhat pronounced.

The botox session was somewhat painful but only briefly; it was worth it, toughh, as I loved the effects!

Doc told me to massage and work the areas in where she had injected; I did as instructed for the next 24 hours and within a day or two, the areas were smooth and wrinkle free.

It's beginning to wear off now (as she said it would), so I plan to get another injection around each eye next week. The more often I have the injections, I was told, the longer the time period between them. So I plan on keeping up with the injections.

I would recommend botox to anyone unhappy with their facial lines--but I would recommend they go to a licensed and good doctor!

Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

I first visited my dermatologist in 2002 because of a spot that turned out to be melanoma (which she removed). She has been my doctor since then and has caught numerous pre-melanoma (DNS) tumors. She is a kind-hearted doctor who is genuinely concerned about her patients. She also has a very soft touch. Rather than jamming a needle into you or starting to saw on you, she tries making any surgical or injection procedure as gentle and pain-free as possible. She is one of those doctors who truly went into medicine to help people--a rarity nowadays!

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