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Botox, Dysport, Love Em Both, Pros/cons for Both

First time with dsport in my forehead, it...

First time with dsport in my forehead, it "took" in 24 hours, instead of with botox, which typically takes 7 days to fully kick in. I got a few more nits added to my glabella (always have to, even with botox) and it still hasn't completely taken motion from that area.

Supposedly, dysport lasts a month longer than botox. I haven't had dysport longer than 2 months, so the jury is out on that.

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Where did you have your dysport done in Kc?

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I have used both Dysport and Botox. It seems like some patients benefit more from one product or the other. Patients should be open-minded; perhaps, some will benefit from Dysport in one area, while Botox will be better in another! More research and experience pending!!
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You struck the nail on the head. In my past i have seen quicker onset of action by Dysport over Botox but in all time is necessary to tell if it lasts longer. In my book, both products score the same high marks.
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