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I had this done almost ten years ago and will...

I had this done almost ten years ago and will NEVER do it again. This was a doctor with a supposedly great rep.

He told me there was NO POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. They made me wait over an hour, took my money and injected my frown lines between the brow. And that was it. No literature-no "don't do this" or "do this"--just get out your done.


I was a model at the time. It was how I paid my rent, bills etc I was a legit model.

Within two days i noticed my right eye was getting smaller than the left. After a week it looked like I had a very lazy eye. I called the doctor, he told me to come in. His &%$@! assistant told me not to come back--that I should just live my life and wait for my eye to come back.  When I began to cry and asked her "how was I suppose to live my life as if it were normal?" --she said it wasn't her problem and I need to get out of the chair because they needed it for the next patient.

It was awful. I had no one to turn to--I was ashamed because I had done this out of vanity to myself. My eye remained that way for six weeks. After that it just looked slightly smaller for a good three months later. I still have the photos

The doctor's office sent me flowers with a note saying they were sorry. I threw the flowers away.

I have had Botox several times in the glabbella area only with very good results, I had it done a week ago by a new doctor after abstaining for a year. Now my right eye will only open half way, and it also has a more pronounced arch in the brow, so I look like Quasimoto. The quack told me to be patient and it will resolve, but until then I am walking around looking like a freak. I will let everyone I know and meet to stay away from my Dr.
I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Botox. Unfortunately eyebrow droop and droopy eyelids are a possible complication with Botox, even in the best of hands. Fortunately both are very infrequent. Though I do not know what your case looked like, in some cases of lazy eyelids, drops can be placed in the eye to reverse the effects of Botox for a short time to allow for modeling or photographs to be taken. As you noticed, fortunately any negative effects will resolve with time.
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