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Excellent Results on Crows Feet, Eyebrows Came Up Way Too High but Easy to Fix That

I loved my botox treatments. It took away almost...

I loved my botox treatments. It took away almost all crows feet, also removed frown line which went right up my forehead. As for eyebrows, when I did the forehead my eyebrows stuck way up too high but I was able to go back in a few weeks and with one little injection on each side they came down. Overall botox is great although there is a slight worry about drooping eyelid (which never happened over many times) or if it is toxic to body, which doesn't seem to be. Each time it lasts longer and longer as I guess it trains the muscles. I have heard from someone who won't do it that if one does it many times the muscles "atrophy" and your face gets droopy, however, I've know people doing it for years and that has never happened.


How long did it take for the Botox to work around the eye area (crow's feet)? I've been told 2 - 7 days and it has only been 2 days for me, but I'm concerned because I don't see any change so far...Thanks, for any info. If it doesn't work the first time do you know if the doctor's can add a little more...
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