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I Won't Need a Costume for Halloween This Year.. Yikes! Lol!

In my never ending quest for lost youth, and after...

In my never ending quest for lost youth, and after countless hours of research, I decided that Botox would be my magic bullet for treating my crows feet, those super cool lines that traverse across my forehead, and last but not least, those really neat bulges that occur under my eyes when I smile. Fun!

So anyway, two weeks ago I went to see my dermatologist, eagerly anticipating the joys of having 26 units of poison injected into my face and handing over my hard earned money... And all so I could look just a little younger.. That's all I wanted. I swear! But instead I got this... My cheeks have fallen and it feels like there's a ten pound weight on them...okay I exaggerated a bit, it more like 9 and a half, but my eyes look tired, and my brow looks much like that of Frankenstein's... Awesome!

The good news is, I hear this is only temporary and should be back to normal by Christmas... When I do my annual Santa Claus impersonation.. all fat and jolly! Ho ho ho! Well happy holidays boy and girls!

Are you getting better Stacy? I had the same happening to me and had botox almost the same day you did. I can't wait to have my face back!
My dermatologist was more than willing to help me, but in doing so would have to inject even more Botox... Um? No thanks! I'm just going to ride it out and be the poster child for Botox gone wrong... Dang! I never thought I would miss my wrinkles...lol! Oh well! Live and learn.
Same here Stacy. I am 4 months out from the same outcome as you. I didnt have the brow fall infact my forehead looks nice but my cheeks fell especially my right side, I couldnt even lift my lip on that side to smile and show any teeth. It made me look 10 years older. I am better and it is not very noticeable now but I will never inject this crap in my face again. Hope you are close to recovery :)
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