Botox for Forehead Lines and Migraines

For line down center of forehead and migraines....

For line down center of forehead and migraines. Have had up to 32 units injected. Seems to start working in the first 5-10 days then wears out within 2 weeks. It feels like my body is releasing it through my pores near the injection sites.

Does botox contain gluten? If yes, could it be ineffective on a person with gluten intolerance?


I completely concur with your feeling that the Botox "seems to be releasing through your pores." I have had 2 series of injections in-between my eyebrows and both times as it wore off I noticed what appeared to be whiteheads at the injection site(s). Within a week of seeing the whiteheads the Botox began to wear off. Unfortunately for me, each treatment only lasted 2 months each. I am keeping my finger crossed for "the 3rd times a charm" or I am going to have to find a alternative procedure.
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Based on the doctor's response to Does Botox or other injectables contain gluten, it appears Botox is gluten free

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