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Great Only for Certain Areas

I've had botox in several areas. I have been VERY...

I've had botox in several areas. I have been VERY satisfied with botox on the crease between my eyebrows and bunny lines on the sides of my nose. I DO NOT RECOMMEND it for any other area!!! I've had my forehead treated...it made my eyebrows droop. I've had crows feet treated, it made my cheeks fall...several people said I looked different (not in a good way). My husband who notices nothing noticed the awful results. I've had my lower eyelid injected for creping skin under my eyes. Made the sagging SIGNIFICANTLY worse. I've had my lips injected for the small lines... couldn't say my "m's" for a month. My lip just hung there. Overall I would say the lips are the worst area to get treatment. Jeuvederm was a much better option for the lip lines.
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Did the negative results eventually go away?
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I'm sorry you had a negative experience. Please provide the name of the doctor who treated you so that others may avoid going to them. It sounds as if the doctor was not skilled in administering botox. They clearly did not take into consideration skin texture, face shape, nor administer a the correct amount of botox.
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