Botox is the Best!!!

I LOVE Botox!!!  I have had it now for...

I LOVE Botox!!!  I have had it now for several years for frown lines (between the eyes).  It usually lasts for about three months on me...the longest lasting about five months.  I was told with extended use, Botox might last longer.  For me, this is not the case.  I still get Botox about every three months, even after years of having it done, but it is worth it!!!

I use to get horrible tension headaches; Botox has helped a lot with getting rid of them!!!  It is too bad Botox isn't approved by insurance for this reason.

The pain from Botox is very a pin prick in each spot the Botox is given (total of five injections on me, each time, for the frown line).

Also, it does not make my face look fake or altered in any way...very natural looking.  I would definitely suggest going to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for these shots.  I once went to a doctor who did this on the side (she was an gynocologist who decided to offer this at her office)...the results there were poor.  The dermatologist & plastic surgeon who did these on me were great...the results were wonderful!!!

I am 73 y/o.

I am not "Vain", I have an upside down smile,I want to know what it cost's to correct the problem?

Nancy Bush


It seems the cost is dependent on several variables. Here is some info that might be helpful while you are trying to figure this out:

How Much Does Botox Cost?

Botox Cost and Prices

If you decide to do it, please post a review so we can hear your thoughts on it. :)

Paducah Dermatologist

This is the doctor who did a wonderful job on me with botox (she is a dermatologist in Paducah, KY)

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