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Awesome!! So Worth It, Hurts an Itty Bit, That's All

I am 35 and had the usual frowny lines in the sun...

I am 35 and had the usual frowny lines in the sun and the
horizontal forehead lines that would really pop out sometimes
I would really notice them when I put in my contact lenses
shazam, there they were 3 big lines across my forehead and I hated them

I didn't know botox could get rid of these
I have 2 areas done- forehead, between eyebrows total $525
it lasts around 5 months

I know it's extravagant and I'm willing to give up other things
to have these lines 100% gone which they are

and I don't look odd or plastic-just better
it's the best



I know this was written almost 3 years ago, but can you let me know where you got your treatment? I can't afford Boston's prices.


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If the discomfort of the injections is a problem, you could consider having the physician use topical lidocaine to numb the area before injection. This can help with the sting of the needle insertion. For the most part though, I have found that patients report a little sting at the time of injection which quickly resolves.
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