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Botox for Frown Lines, Now Worried About Pregnancy

I did it to erase frown lines, but would not do it...

I did it to erase frown lines, but would not do it again, only because I got pregnant (completely unplanned) right after and am now freaking out about the possible impact on baby. If it were not for this, I guess it would be fine--not sure I really feel comfortable anymore with injecting into myself, but it did produce good results (at what cost, though?)

has anyone accidentallly conceived right before or after a botox treatment?
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Hello Alexandra,

Did you have your baby? Is everything fine with you and the baby? I am in a similar situation now and really desperate to find out.

Thank you very much.
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Hi Alexandra -- These questions from other RealSelf members address some of your concerns:

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Hope this helps!

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