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Tummy Tuck Nightmare-worse Than Before!

My tummy tuck was a nightmare! I had a section of...

My tummy tuck was a nightmare! I had a section of skin that died and had to be removed. The doctors office forgot to order my support garment, my new belly button isn't centered, I have these weird dog ear things on both sides and my torso is lopsided. I asked my doctor about fixing it and he kept saying not yet. I eventually stopped asking.

3 years later and I'm miserable still, but no $ to fix the problem. What a waste of time, money, and health risk.

Wellesley Plastic Surgeon

Terrible results!

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It's a huge a disappointment when the results aren't what you'd wanted! I hope you're able to get revisions from a good surgeon at some point. You deserve that.
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Sorry to hear about your results, can you post pictures if you feel comfortable enough so that others may see what your going through. And keep us posted on how things go, I really feel for you.
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Did u address revisions at preop?
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Have you had any luck in getting a revision for your unsatisfactory TT? I have a list of complaints regarding my TT and hope my PS will be able to do a revision at some point. I am like you, though, with no money left at this point. I hate to have to wait several years before correcting the problems as it took time to save up for the original TT. Good luck to you.
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omg im so sorry to hear this
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