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To fill out my upper cheek area. I'm 44 y/o...

To fill out my upper cheek area. I'm 44 y/o and I have a line going downward from below each eye, and in certain lights the shadows make me look tired and older than I want to look. I'm hoping to have those lines smoothed out and then the cheeks lift upward towards the new collagen.

I am going to a board certified plastic surgeon, who is tops in his field. He does only facial plastic surgery, and I've been going to him for several years for Botox, Restylane, as well as a couple of out patient surgical tweaks. He is an amazing doctor. But still I'm nervous. Reading through these reviews has helped tremendously (and some scared me, admittedly). Thank you for sharing your experiences here.


Hi Ginks! How'd it go? Thanks, Ed
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Absolutely! Dr. Raffi Der Sarkissian. He has offices in Quincy and Boston. You will LOVE him. His patients call him Dr. D., or Dr. Raffi...I call him "my boyfriend who doesn't know he's my boyfriend"...LOL! He is the best of the best. He listens, understands the objective, provides full explanations, puts you at ease, gives realistic expectations, and always knows exactly what to do...which sometimes means doing nothing. He will not do a surgery if he doesn't feel it is necessary. Plus he is a true a person and a surgeon.
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Hi Ginks313! Could u please tell us the name of your doctor?! I live on the Cape and have been looking for a good Doctor for Sculptra! Thanks a lot!
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