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Radiesse to the Chin - 40 Year Old Male

Had this done yesterday and I have to say the...

Had this done yesterday and I have to say the shots were somewhat painful, at least a lot more than I expected. My chin is really stiff right now, and it sort of made my mouth look weird, almost like I have false teeth where your mouth looks small and sunken. I do not like it and I would not do this again. I guess I have 1 year of looking like this before this stuff fades.

Glad to report that all of the Radiesse was...

Glad to report that all of the Radiesse was absorbed within roughly 5 months and I'm back to looking normal. As a word of caution, changing one small part of your face can often have a significant impact in your overall look, sometimes positive, and sometimes negative. I will definitely do more research if I choose to do anything else like this.

Update - The Radiesse completely dissolved about 8...

Update - The Radiesse completely dissolved about 8 months after the injections. I can't tell you how happy I am that it dissolved, it looked freakish and made my mouth look small. I personally would not do this again.
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While I don't really like the results that much, my doctor was very thorough and comes highly recommended.

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It's now 1 year post the injections and it's completely gone. I'm now back to looking normal and very thankful. I would say that this lasted roughly 7 months, with barely noticeable traces up to the 7/8th month, and then completely gone by the 9th month. I didn't have any side effects, just looked like hell, like a person's mouth looks when they get dentures and it sort of caves in.
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Well, it's been 5 months since I had this procedure done, and most of the filler is gone -- thank god! I read that Radiesse is long lasting, up to a year, and feared I would look like hell for a year. However, most of it is gone now, and my mouth is starting to look more normal. I hope it's all gone by January 2011.
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I am sorry to hear about your negative experience, but I am primarily concerned with your injector's technique. Firstly, the area is off-label. Secondly, any qualified person should use a topical anesthetic followed a local (lidocaine). Radiesse is highly dependent upon your metabolism - causing the breakdown of CaHA. The immediate results originate from the filler, while secondary activity stimulates collagen growth to the injection area. Minor swelling is expected - your injector should be monitoring for allergic reaction. Additional adverse reactions should be related to your physician immediately as well as the manufacturer.
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Iam 48 year old female. I had botox, & restalyne. I got radiesse 8 month's ago. the same happened to me. My mouth looked so small, Shrunken!! (Like yours) I also, got 2 knots on eithe side of my chin. Looks and feels terrible! The radiesse has melted out of the right jaw line, in the past 24 hours. My neck is a little swollen. I have been looking to see if this has happened to anyone else. I am going to see another plastic surgeon in the morning. I hope your injections get better!! Sorry for My bad news! I hate it!!
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I am a male, and i have been having fillers for over 15 years. I have tried them all. The one I am liking the most right now is Radiesse. That said, I think all of the companies really down play the recovery time. Although I have gone back to work and so forth, there have been a number of times that I have been "busted" due to bruising, lumps etc. But these have always gone away, and I have always been happy with my results with different fillers and even different doctors. I would say to give it a few days to settle in, and if you are still unhappy, go back, and ask for an adjustment.
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I hope you follow up at some point... it is frustrating to see these very early reviews without follow up as, even with injections, there can be edema that prevents a good assessment of the actual result.
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