Two Week Old Tattoo.. Already Hate It. Want to Get Lasered for a Cover Up. - Boston, MA

Hi guys, Two weeks ago I went with a few friends...

Hi guys,
Two weeks ago I went with a few friends to a tattoo place around here. I had a design in mind that I wanted and I went for it on a whim because the artist offered me a discount. I felt apprehensive about it because he kept trying to change my ideas but I went through with it anyway. Now I'm stuck with a script font on my foot that is already starting to bleed together and generally look awful.

I know how expensive laser treatment is so I hope to get it lightened enough to get a larger cover-up on my foot. I'm looking at owl designs and being a lot more careful this time.

I've contacted "Tataway" in Boston because they seem to have really great reviews online and I'll update this after I've made some progress.. right now I'm just hoping for the best in removal.
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:( Sorry you don't like your tattoo...I think it's rather cute. Fading for a cover up should be no problem at all, what are you thinking of covering it up with?
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laser removal is not expensive at all anymore, just find a good laser and good tech
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if a place wants to charge you more than 100 a session your getting ripped off
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I think it looks quite pretty I originally wanted my tattoo on my foot but the tattoo artist persuaded me to get it done big on my leg! What a mistake! Anyway my clinic has the picosure laser everyone raves about and they made me wait 3 months before treatment. My technician there has a black foot tattoo and has been getting it treated with that laser also. She had 2 sessions, left it for 5 months as she went travelling and there is a tiny faint mark left, which 1 more treatment will remove. So its not the end of the world just a lot of patience and money unfortunately.
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aloha owlprogress, ink regret is horrible isn't it? And it's horrible in the beginning. We all have it here. I have several tattoos and even one on my foot. Foot tattoos heal slowly because of the constant movement. But once it's healed you can begin laser treatment. I would recommend a consultation and see what experts say. I do know removal is definitely worth it, but it takes time, patience and money. Good luck with your consultation at "Tataway". I'm sure there are other posters in this forum that live close to you and can offer recommendations, it just takes time. aloha...k
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