Liposonix on Outer Thighs/saddlebags - Boston, MA

I have always had disproportionately bigger outer...

I have always had disproportionately bigger outer thighs than the rest of my body. I'm in my 40s workout regularly with cardio and weights and eat healthy and am not overweight. I had been considering liposuction for a while but did not want the downtime and risks associated with it. When I heard of Liposonix being permanent I made the appt and had the procedure 3 weeks ago. I had 4 passes at 50. It was painful in some areas, and I did not take any pain medication, but I think one can do without the meds. I was definitely sore after & 2days later there was bruising also. I used arnica gel and the bruising went away within the 1st week, however I'm still a little sore.
Unfortunately so far I am disappointed to say that I have not lost any inches. I'm waiting patiently and measure myself every week. Will update again after another couple of weeks.

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It's 5 weeks today and there is no difference in...

It's 5 weeks today and there is no difference in total inches, but the area seems a lot smoother. The bump does not protrude as much. I'm still a little sore and sometimes the area itches as well. I was hoping that by now I would have some reduction in inches, but not even 1/2 an inch :( still hopeful as some websites say that you don't see anything until at least 8 weeks. Will post again in a couple of weeks.


Hi Samx, I'm looking forward to your next update. Many websites DO say that it takes 2 to 3 months for results, so don't get discouraged yet.

I was excited to hear about Liposonix because it is non-invasive. I too have very disproportionate outer thighs... actually a protruding bulge on each thigh that exercise doesn't remove. My current BMI is 22 (healthy range), but in the past I've exercised 8 hours per day, bringing my BMI down to 18 (underweight), and I was rock-hard except for those disgusting saddlebag protrusions. The only worse than seeing those bulges on my body for my lifetime is the thought of getting true liposuction and having pus drain out of them and having to "milk" the surgical site the way you're supposed to do during the healing process. So yes, I'd love a more non-invasive procedure!

IF IT WORKS. My hesitation is that I've read you can only expect 20% improvement. Actually if I'm spending in the $thousands to fix my saddlebag problem, I think I would be upset to only get a 20% improvement.
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