Glycolic Peel for Melasma - Boston, MA

Not worth it. I was getting these monthly for...

Not worth it. I was getting these monthly for nearly a year. While it did improve the overall appearance of my skin, removed some freckles around my nose and cheeks from sun exposure, it did nothing for my melasma. On my last visit, I noticed an area that burned more significantly. I got a small burn on my right cheek that left a small scar. I won't be going back.

:( Bummer to not have your main concern improved even after you were so dedicated to doing the treatments. I'm glad you did see some nice changes though. Did you have a few days after each peel where your skin was pretty flaky, or was it not too bad? 

Very little flaking or peeling. I only had to avoid make up the day I got the peel. Other than that, there was no down time.

I wonder if the peels weren't deep enough to make the changes you were after, but since you mentioned you did get a burn on your last treatment it seems like maybe they were about as much as your skin could tolerate. :-/

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