Going to my First Preliminary Info Session 12/5/12 - Boston, MA

What to expect? Say? Bring? Had a sort of hard...

What to expect? Say? Bring?
Had a sort of hard time getting my PCP on board... But I think we are all ready now.

What can I be doing now to prep?

My goal is to lose about 110 pounds. But even 80 would help. I have been seriously considering for a year. I am feeling hopeful and terrified. I have mild lupus but am otherwise healthy. My insurance covers all but 2500.

Hi there, how are you doing? Did you go to your session?

Hi! I am a little bit farther along in my journey, and I think each surgeon does things a bit different. Mine does a two hour seminar and covers each surgery, Lap Band, Gastric Bypass, Sleeve and Dueodum Switch. He told how many surgeries he has performed. He showed a video of him performing a gastric bypass surgery. He discussed dumping, vitamins, importance of protein, how long you would need off for each surgery, the pro/cons of each one. He also talked about a hormone called Ghrelin and the importance of that in the disease of obesity. He did a Q/A session as well. All of the information was on Power Point, and he handed out the Power Point presentations to us to follow along with and take notes. He also showed before and after photos and talked about long tern comittment. It was invaluable! Take notes, ask questions, be open to the information presented. I initially wanted to get a lapband, but after doing my research I decided to receive a Gastric Bypass surgery instead. Don't be terrified, be informed that will help any fear you may be feeling. All of my paperwork has been completed, and will be submitted to the insurance company this upcoming week, hopefully I will be scheduled in January! Good Luck and my best advice, do your research! Cheers!

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

At my first info session, it was really just a group of people, like myself, listening to the surgeon tell us about what the procedure would be like, what options would be available and what he expected of us, before he would go thorugh with surgery.

Most doctors require that you lose some weight prior to the surgery and some will require a psych evalution.

Good luck with your session, do let us know how it goes!

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