Fraxel Destroyed my Skin...surprised? Fraxel Dual 1927 Wavelength - Boston, MA

Just another Fraxel horror story for all of you...

Just another Fraxel horror story for all of you considering it. I had Fraxel done 1.5 months ago to treat hyper-pigmentation and scarring caused by a Juvederm filler complication (vascular compromise). Basically I had a filler injection and experienced a 1 in 100,000 rare complication causing ulceration and long-term redness. I had Fraxel to treat this problem 3 months later. Now I'm left with very bad textural damage. My skin looks like an orange peel and is getting worse each day. I had the procedure at the same place I had the filler. Two devastating outcomes from one place. The hyper-pigmentation and scarring seem worse and my skin is falling apart more each day. I hesitated to get Fraxel due to the many negative things I've been reading and cancelled my first appointment, I almost didn't get it. Unfortunately, I changed my mind after being convinced by the technician and went through with it. I don't recommend this damaging technology.

The technician promised me that everything would be ok...Nope.

The damage seems to be progressing each day..

the damage seems to be progressing each day..

Just want to point out in the second picture what...

Just want to point out in the second picture what looks like acne scarring is not actually acne scarring. I never had any acne scars, that scarred texture is what was left by the laser. My skin was baby smooth before Fraxel.

Damage is getting a bit worse. New red scars...

Damage is getting a bit worse. New red scars appearing. Old scars widening.

Uploaded a new photo to show you another result of...

Uploaded a new photo to show you another result of damage. I have horizontal lines extending across my forehead. They've been there since after the procedure and they never seem to plump out. They seem to get deeper. My forehead has a strange orange peel texture with long horizontal linear dents.

Skin's still a mess and Fraxel didn't help what I...

Skin's still a mess and Fraxel didn't help what I was trying to treat at all. I feel like I was tricked into it for that I have been told that Fraxel doesn't help with vascular redness. Although my skin is even more of disaster, I'm still very stressed about pigmentation issue from the filler injury and am considering IPL (a proven treatment for this type of problem). Although, IPL damage is apparently possible too and I'm on Retin-A which I've been told doesn't react well with IPL. I just wish IPL was suggested before Fraxel, not after. Quite stressed but at least the antidepressants are helping a little bit.

Bah, skin looking quite bad today mates....

Bah, skin looking quite bad today mates. Texture-wise, very leathery, orange-peelish, dry, like a burn victim. Trying to stay positive; anyone else experience their skin looking damaged before their skin completely healed? I just want to understand whether my skin will normalize or whether it will heal into something bad, I really don't know much about other's experiences. Anyone else (maybe someone who received the 1927 nm) have this initial reaction before they completely healed months later? Please be honest,

Thank you.

Going to see a dermatologist today and share with...

Going to see a dermatologist today and share with him my cosmetic damages and hopefully get a referral for vbeam to treat my vascular compression pigmentation issues. I'm also going discuss my burned face as it is causing me serious mental distress. I had a panic attack this morning and fainted on the kitchen floor.

Just an update. Skin texture getting worse and now...

Just an update. Skin texture getting worse and now noticing hollowness under eyes. The skin under my eyes are beginning to sag.

Recently noticed that the underside of my eyes may...

Recently noticed that the underside of my eyes may not be hollow at all but just swollen. They've been very itchy and irritated almost like an allergy or something. I've had small eye infections in the past but I'm not sure what to make of it. Eyes are quite irritated for some reason. If this persists I may get it checked out.

A few more updates. My anxiety's quite better...

A few more updates. My anxiety's quite better thanks to medication and I'm feeling better knowing I'm getting IPL in a few weeks to treat the PIH associated with the filler injury I've had. I'd LOVE to have that treated once and for all. Just to clarify, the red scars I've noticed in the past may simply be an illusion caused by my strange surface texture. Sort of a leathery, dehydrated, burnt skin type of look and scars (whether they're acne scars) underneath it appear stretched and misshapen. Hard to really distinguish what's scars and what's surface texture I guess. Unless it's safe to say the texture itself is one big scar. Lol, idk. I think an eventual peel following IPL my help it as it's likely superficial. Clearly I didn't heal well. I feel it may be physiology (poor wound healing) rather than the operator. The visibility of the texture seems to be mild in indoor lighting and mainly visible up close and much more pronounced in the sun light. Anyone else out there with similar issues? I still have that minor orange peel look on my forehead but that doesn't really bother me as much as the lower face textural issues that seem to proliferate with time. Also, can anyone recommend a good non-comedogenic moisturizer besides Cetaphil or Cerave?

Eh, I think this is worth mentioning because it's...

Eh, I think this is worth mentioning because it's driving me crazy. My face is so constantly itchy and it's starting to drive me nuts. It's weird because it's the most moisturized part of my skin. It gets itchier and itchier. I'm trying to moisturize more but I don't think it makes too much of a difference. It's getting hard to sleep, I'll even wake up in the middle of the night and have the urge to itch my cheeks. I haven't changed anything in my routine. I still use the same moisturizer "Cerave Cream". Maybe I need a better moisturizer? I've been considering Aquaphor but will that clog pores? Yet again, even though Cerave is supposed to be non-comedogenic I think I'm noticing little bumps all over my cheeks now. Hard to tell though with the way my skin texture is. Is there any non-irritating anti-itch creams I can safely apply? I know calamine lotion dries skin. What about Aloe Vera?

I've been using Tretinoin cream for about 2 months...

I've been using Tretinoin cream for about 2 months with no positive change. Same orange peel texture covering whole face. Still considering TCA peels.

Time is flying by... Unfortunately nothing is...

Time is flying by... Unfortunately nothing is getting better. I've been on tretinoin for 3+months and am trying to decide whether I should continue.


Hey guys,

It's been awhile since I've updated so I guess I'll throw a quick one. Umm, nothing's better. In fact, texture has gotten considerably worse. Haven't been using Retin-A. It's very unfortunate and has been a very stressful year... Who knows maybe things will turn around one day. Let's all try to stay positive.

I'll certainly post if things ever do get better. I think it's important that people publish their experience of bad to good to give others hope. I hope more people contribute.
Thanks guys.

Happy hello!

Hey everyone, I've been on 5 mg of isotretinoin for 216 days and all my problems have been fully rectified. I made a thread at iplandlaser damage, but I got banned for some reason. Anyway, my skin is currently pigment free, scar free, and pore-free. I can't help but assume low-dose accutane pretty much did it. I seem to have better skin than all my friends now. Just an update.

Image of current skin condition

Image of current skin condition

Another pic under better lighting.

It was a long road. The damage of course got worse two years after Fraxel. I then finally decided to experiment the low-dose Isotretinoin course. My skin has changed significantly about 180 days into the course. Now on day 216. Accumulation of the compound is 2820 mg right now due to sporadic dose changes, but I keep with it consistently. I wouldn't trust that IPL and Laser Damage Support forum. It seems to be a community pushing a product. Do what feels right. If anyone out there decides to try this make sure you consider risks! So far isotretinoin has worked for FraxelVictim, Vickky, and myself. Cheers!

Keeping track on this regimen

I wrote a program to help keep track of each day and the amount taken on that day, accumulation of the compound, and retinyl conversion to compare between retinoic acid and isotretinoin. This is my current status illustrated in the provided image. I find it's best you keep track of every variable if you consider pursuing isotretinoin as a viable solution.

Update - Post Error Correction

I stated the user "FraxelVictim" also had success with Isotretinoin in a previous post. I meant the user "FraxelDamage". He's registered here on RealSelf and at that IPL and Laser Damage Support forum.

3030 mg total. Very happy so far.

Current state of my skin as I continue with my isotretinoin micro-dose experiment. Very happy!

I've ingested 3030 mg so far throughout this course. Stay tuned folks! I'm not finished yet.

3095 mg? This is turning into an Accutane blog...

Life's going great! I'm not online very often, so please don't be offended if I fail to reply to inbox messages on a consistent basis. I am no longer disclosing my isotretinoin vendor via private message. Just see a dermatologist and inquire about isotretinoin or find an online pharmacy which supplies well known brands such as Isotroin or Trevita.

Photo Deletion

I've decided to remove my photos for reasons pertaining to privacy. Thank you for reading and following my review.
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I am starting accutane today! Yah! I am desperately hoping that it will help. I am going to take 40 mg every other day to start. My skin has been awful. I had a rosacea flare a couple of weeks ago and my skin is already so dry, red and breaking out. This looks lovely over the laser damage. I pray that this works for me. I can no longer tolerate retin a. I also contacted the site for Dr. John about their whitening products and they also responded by saying that i never should have gotten IPL. This completely turned me off from their products. Like really, do you think that i don't know that! I am glad to hear that someone else has had some luck with accutane. I am starting epuris which is a new form which is supposed to be better absorbed. This really is my last hope!
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Don't lose hope! I will be thinking of you.
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Wondering* stupid iphone
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I just want to say thank u to Wayne and anyone else who shares their improvements after laser damage. This is the worst thing I have ever gone thru in my life and accutane (along with recell) has given me hope. It has lifted me out of severe depression and helped me cope. I guess by just having hope that I will not have to live like this for the rest of my life. That there are things that we can do. The worst part of having laser damage is reading for hours and hours, searching for an ounce of hope and all u read about is ppl saying nothing can be done and reading about visits to plastic surgeons who say things like we have caused irreparable damage to our skin, we've sustained too much heat to the dermis and the dermis doesn't regenerate yada, yada, yada. It's caused me so much fear and anxiety and now i know i cant believe that. I wont. I know accutane might not work for me but just having hope has helped me so much....even if it can just keep me sane and somewhat happy until I finally accept what has happened to me and make minor improvement somehow. Just my thoughts.
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Itll will stumble on something that will change your life for the better...inside and out. the other day I allowed myself to flirt a little hehe...didn't see that coming. I'm dedicating my hopes for you too...strength in numbers x
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Here is a recent forum that was posted, it was posted by another member on the site and the goal is to help you stay positive: 100 Days of Happiness
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I agree with u Ami. Let's all try to stay positive and have hope.
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(: !!!!
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I believe Wayne. As for photos been photoshopped, well, I've recently found one from my early 20s and it looked photoshopped, but it wasnt and damn I looked good..if I was in his shoes, I think I'd feel targeted somewhat, and to save myself the grief, as I've already been through enough..I would have deleted my whole contribution...but he hasn't...which is great...because there is an abundance of sharing of information and support right here, 1566 comments! and hopefully soon, fingers crossed, a collective win by banning together to expose the doctor frauds and saving others that are thinking about this treatment from the heartbreak it brings when it goes all wrong.
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I believed Wayne in the beginning as well but there are way too many contradictory statements attributed to him. I.E. he has two posts regarding Accutane which ive already linked to in my aforementioned comments so find those to see what im talking about, he also said that both Fraxel Victim / Vickyy healed themselves with Accutane (they didn't, Vickyy improved 70% according to her but did not heal), and there's no statement from Fraxel on either ipl laser damage forum or here where he states that he was, etc... Then finally refusing to post a close-up picture of his face / using the macro settings on his camera to give us a good look of the healed damage is also discouraging. Finally, I myself have been on Accutane now for 73 days and have not had any change as of yet.
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I don't get what gain Wayne has by photoshopping his photos. Yes I do agree I wish he took closer pictures and what not, but why would he go through the whole trouble of lying about his face finally being healed by accutane? If he had said he tried another laser or something maybe there could be some money making behind it. But I think as far as what you see now isn't the case. He easily could have been under pressure and some ppl do get miracles from accutane. Everyone is different. And there are plenty of ppl who love laser. I wish the guy would come on here and clear things up, but I learned anything you do in life is trial and error. It sucks.. I wish there was one thing that worked for us all. I too am getting more scars day by friggn hurts and kills me so bad. I'm sick to death of it. All I feel like doing now is accepting it...just need to watch my face decay in front of me.. It's real sad. I've lost all real hope. Having fat loss , thin skin, and texture issues, new acne, etc all sucks. Literally have all of the negative symptoms a skin could ever have. Let's try to find a solution. I think I'll be getting a vampire facelift or dermarolling done soon. I had a chemical peel done 4 months post laser and it helped with some of the hyperpig , but feel like thinned out my skin more.
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Sometimes there are "trolls" on the internet that require attention and have a form of mental illness. Is Wayne one of these trolls? I can't say for sure but the evidence in regards to Accutane healing him is becoming more and more damning the more I research his timeline, posts, people he mentioned with similar results, etc... Oh and of course myself being on Accutane and not noticing any improvement. I will continued for another 4-5 months and if I still see nothing I plan on stopping. By then I would have reached the cumulative dose for my body. Oh and Kam well said about the accepting part. That's what it will eventually come down to anyways. We either accept it or we don't? Kam you also mentioned chemical peels. If you look up the user "chrus" whom I referred to in previous posts she has pictures of her improvement results with "TCA" peels. No idea the strength though so you may want to email her..
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" I will continued for another 4-5 months and if I still see no improvement I plan on stopping. " Rather.
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I feel you and get where you're coming from. There are some effed up ppl out there. But I feel honestly of anyone were to come on this site and do such a thing would be such a effed up thing to do. You can't get any more effed up than that. He hasn't been on here for a while and maybe he healed up and doesn't care to come on here. That other girl who had a fat graft said she'd do anything in her power to help etc and I don't know where she is. Feel like once ppl have found a remedy for themselves they can careless. Trust me if I find a solution I'd totally help out. I saw the tca peels she got and she has light skin. I'm Indian and have olive skin tone. I've had tca peels that gave me some hyperpig but did help out other aspects. Just feel super scared to do more. My skin is really thinned out I feel like now. Did u have fatloss or thin skin?
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Well if he did heal up and decided not to come on here anymore than why would he just let Wayne know? It would be easier to make a post letting everyone know. Anyways, I can speculate until im blue in the face. The bottom line is I look at all of the evidence and not just one piece. I've laid out my thoughts in front of you and it's up to each and everyone of you to decide whether or not to believe Wayne?
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Yeah I agree it would be effed...and yeah there is a lot of people out there feeding off others doubt :( But, We don't really know what's happening in his life for him not to be posting...or providing proof and support to a bunch of strangers with their spades and pitch forks (:) sorry had to add that in as it just fitted so nicely in my rant and rave)'s also his prerogative....I don't think it's fair to corner someone regardless and especially without us knowing all that much? it seems a little like bullying to me :/ glad the Tca peels helped a little. Slowly slowly..I'm quite peed off at myself as the lines and texture has improved considerably between my eyes, but, hasn't completely returned to normal (through the needle rolling)'s better every month tho...slowly slowly...I'm peed off as I was optimistic as hell in having had it completely resolved by now...:) so I can rant and rave at finding the ultimate cure....I would still recommend it, stand by just appears to be turtle slow process.looking forward to bks results, keep your eyes out on these results Kam, it could help you!. Yes, I did experience fat loss in the area I mentioned above. It returned though, over time. have you had some improvement yourself?
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How long did I take you to see results from the needling and how long before your fat loss returned Ami? If 88 in your handle is representative of the year you were born you have a lot better chance of making a full recovery being so young. I wish I could try needling but im 73 days into Accutane and due to its effect on the healing process I cant try it or chemical peels until a year after being off of it.
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er, how long did it take you rather?
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My memory Is a little fuzzy as long time has past and it seems wonderful not to have to revisit my despair (: It took months tho, that I can remember. Months of frustration...before my forhead, between my eyes, no longer looked lopsided. My damage tho, came from a chemical peel and not flaxel. And I don't believe it was quite so drastic as a lot of the sad stories I've read. The healing of my skin was significant after a year. I took up needling with the smallest needle for several months before the year and couldn't work out if it was the needling or the natural process of healing or the other things I was doing. it didn't really matter, my skin looked next to normal...I than started on a longer needle (it's a home kit, where you do it can only buy online a needle up to the size of 1.0 I got the .75) I could get away with not having a fringe now, that i have had to hide where I was damaged the most, but I still can't bring myself to do it. It's been...maybe about a year since I've been needling, each month with the .75 ???? I'd have to go through my old posts to be sure. Since tho, I've noticed e process of...the lines relaxing and breaking up, skin between the lines appearing to be raising to fill the gaps and I can only guess the changes will continue. Several months ago I noticed a wrinkle on the mouth which came about over night (I'm well on my way to the 40s) and started needling in that's less noticeable and for the most part (when my skin is not dry and parched) where the wrinkle sits, it doesn't even crease when I pucker my lips. This I can be certain at least, in my own mind, it's due to the needling...but...well..nothing is really a certainty ! Stupid life...
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Johnny!!!!!
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He did let everyone know that he won't be coming in here much. He wants to enjoy life again.
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I did my third needling session and a lot of my volume has came back before needling. My skin is much smoother now and when I put make up it goes on much nicer. Scars have shallowed out. As for Wayne he did say he was coming on here much anymore because he wants to live his life, which I don't blame him for. He did show pictures and gave people advise, he needs to move on.
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Bk what type of rolling? Did you go to a derm? I want to start that out soon too. Thanks
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Kamngetit, it's just a regular dermaroller I do it every three weeks and go to A girl that was trained by Des Fernandez.
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