No Bad Side Effects at All So Far - Boston, MA

I am fairly young looking, but outside quite a bit...

I am fairly young looking, but outside quite a bit so wanted to improve my skin tone, texture, minimize fine wrinkles etc. I had Fraxel yesterday at 2PM in a plastic surgeon's office (she also does my botox). It was more painful than I thought it was going to be and I was very red and puffy when I left. I came home, drank water, took a couple of advil and got a good night's rest. Woke up this morning and my skin looks fine. No swelling, no redness, texture looks good. With a little light bronzer, I look exactly the same. I was nervous because I read quite a few horror stories on the internet, but this went exactly as they promised me. I am looking forward to seeing what my skin looks like in a few weeks.
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Thanks for sharing your experience so far with the Fraxel, glad to hear everything turned out good so far :) How many sessions did your doctor recommend?

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