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First time posting! I am a 33yo 5'7" 137lb with...

First time posting! I am a 33yo 5'7" 137lb with two tween children. DD looking to be a B I'm scheduled for first appointment with PS July 10th. I have so many questions. Will it be covered by insurance? Will the PS say it's to small? How soon do they book the surgery? I've never liked being larger on top it's not the type of attention I like. I can never find tops that look right I can't go strapless. I've endured years of back pain and shoulder pain, multiple physical therapy appointments and endless bottles of ibuprofen. After 16 years of having this breast reduction conversation with my hubby he finally agreed that it would be the best thing for me! Does anyone have any insights they can share with me that would help me along with this process?
I know you have a lot of questions, but most of them can't be answered until you visit your PS. Make a list of questions because you usually only see the surgeon once before you have surgery or pre-op. The size you will be post op depends on your body. I am a DD and told my PS I wanted to be a B cup, and he pretty much told me that's impossible. I have seen others go that small though, and I am a lot larger than you. So I would say maybe on that. Whether or not insurance will cover it depends on your particular insurance company and policy. I have BC/BS (Alabama) and got an instant approval right there during my consult. So far I haven't heard of anyone else being quite so lucky, though. Most of the time it takes a few weeks to hear back, and sometimes you may even have to appeal to get them to cover it. Your insurance (if they cover it at all) will have certain criteria that must be met. You may want to call them before your appointment and ask them if they cover medically necessary breast reduction and what their criteria are. How soon you are able to book your surgery also depends on the Dr. and his schedule. I had my consultation at the end of May, and the first date they had available for surgery was July 9, which I took. Hope this helps a little and good luck!
Thanks hollynicole27 this is helpful. I have my PS appt July 10th good luck on the 9th I'll be excited to hear how it goes
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