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My BR was 4/5 and I spent 1 night in the hospital....

My BR was 4/5 and I spent 1 night in the hospital. It is now 4/9 and my breasts are still big and mis-shapen and very bruised. The pain is not so bad though. I have had a throbbing headache , dizziness and upset stomach since 4/6. I try to eat though I am not hungry and just want to sleep. Is this normal? I wanted to be so happy as so many of you were after and I am just sick and tired. I don't even look at my breasts.


Hi Suzie! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I feel like crap too! I'm post op day 3 and still find it difficult to do much beyond lie in bed - even watching TV hurts my eyes. Not everyone plows through recovery like a champ, I guess. Anyway, I hear you girl! Here's hoping we both feel better soon!
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I am in my 3rd week now post-op and feel sooo much better. My breasts are still very sensitive to the touch but are looking better. We will all get there at our own pace. Best of luck. Keep in touch.

I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly, Suzy. Have you contacted your surgeon? He/She should be able to give you Zofran or something similar to help with the nausea. Even if you don't feel like eating make sure you are getting plenty to drink...that is more important right now. Allow yourself all of the time you need to rest. Anesthesia can be hard for some people but shouldn't last much longer. Please keep us updated!
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