47 Yr.old Bilateral Mastectomy Patient with Tissue Expanders; 5'4'', 120 Lb. 34dd Prior to Diagnosis, Athletic Body - Boston, MA

Hi! I had a bilateral mastectomy in Jan.2014 with...

Hi! I had a bilateral mastectomy in Jan.2014 with tissue expanders put in at the time of surgery. I was partially expanded prior to radiation in the month of April 2014. I have had one expansion post radiation and am currently at 500cc's. I am 5'4'', 120 lbs. with a fitness body. I was always a natural 34dd and I would like to go back to that size. 500cc's looks very small. How big do my implants need to be to obtain a 34dd size again? My PS and oncologist say my radiated breast looks amazing as if it were never radiated, so a simple exchange surgery is expected. No alloderm was used at the time of mastectomy, Thoughts?


So glad to hear that the skin on your radiated breast looks good and that you are a candidate for an exchange surgery. Will you need to do any work on your other breast to help match the two breasts? Here is another breast reconstruction member, youcantfindme, who has made it to 770 cc's with her fills and is hoping to get 800+ cc's with her implants. Please keep us posted on your progress!
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