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Be Patient, It's Worth It - Boston

I started using Latisse in June of 2010. I filled...

I started using Latisse in June of 2010. I filled my script at Target for $96. The first bottle lasted over 6 weeks. It took almost three months before the full effects were noticed. My eyelashes are absolutely beautiful now and I am thrilled. I don't want them to get "scary" long so I am now using it only 3 nights a week. I figure the annual cost will be around $400. I am in my mid-40's and feel that having the longer lashes actually makes me look a few years younger. I definitely think its worth it, especially for people with brown eyes who don't have to worry about dark spot on their irises.


I did stop using it but am considering starting again. I thought it was making my eyelids red but I stopped a while ago and they are still red. I am also using retin-A cream so that could be causing some of the redness. I'm still on the fence. My eyelashes are going back to their old length and I do miss the long ones!
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Hmm, maybe you might want to see a dermatologist about the red before you start using it again. Just a suggestion. :) Please keep us updated.



Hi 7588992anon,

It sounds like the product worked really well for you, do you have pictures. I'm thinking about trying it myself, did you have to get a perscription from your doctor? It sounds like something silly :) to write a perscription for, do they just write it for you or do you need a reason? I wonder if I could get one.

Thanks for your info,


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