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I've been having laser hair removal for years...

I've been having laser hair removal for years and have not regretted it once. I have sensitive skin so I could never wax because of ingrown hairs.

It takes time and you need to be patient, but if you think of what you spend on razors or waxing a year, it's actually more economical. (also just read an article in the new York times stating the same).

The hair is not completely gone, but it's manageable- both light and sparse. Now that I have 2 kids and no time/money for myself I am so glad that I did it in my twenties and am still enjoying the results.

I've had bikini, underarm, belly line, upper lip done/chin. When I started in Boston I think it was about 200 for 20 minutes. Since then (2007) the prices have gotten much cheaper.

I now live in Sydney though so I don't know how prices compare. I get a great deal down here and it goes a lot more quickly so it's hard to calculate since there are so many changed factors.

I've probably spent about $1,800- 2,200 all up. If I had waxed at $180.00 for all those areas it would be the same cost of 12 sessions or 4 times a year for 3 years. Now I pay around 100 per session and that's just 'all over' maintenance.
What areas did you get done and how much did you have to pay in total?
Yes, I found it was uncomfortable. The thicker/darker the hair, the more intense- however, keeping that in mind, the more you go, the less painful it is. So it gets better with time. Still, no more painful with waxing.

I've probably gone about 15 times total. Hair comes in light and will never totally be gone, but it's so much better. These days with the costs coming down on laser and worthwhile package deals I don't think it needs a second thought.

Also to be mentioned is that I have polycystic ovaries so the hormone imbalance means I need to stay on top of these *wonderful* issues. Women without this condition are supposed to have even better results than I have.
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