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I did it because i have some acne scars. pros...

i did it because i have some acne scars. pros hopes of overall better skin.

cons of the treatment are that it was very very painful.

so i had fraxel laser on thursday .. i dont really know to much about the settings and what no but the first setting was at 70 i dont know the middle setting and the last setting was at 7(passes) >> the night of was painful but bearable.. first day skin was tight but nice and even in color. woke up on the second day really really dry with white pimple like bumps all over my chin and upperlip area (even though i use the cetaphil moisturizing cream the night before).. what are my next steps and what are my next few days going to be like? i am prone to acne and i am doing this treatment for acne scars i have on my cheeks.

hey there~ how are you doing?? i've had three full face fraxel repair sessions and each one the healing time was about a week and a half. through after day 7 i could cover with make-up. it did help w/ my acne scarring. i have very deep scaring, and now looks less deep. though it did not help with sun damage and overall refinement of the skin.... i'm now doing IPL for that. after one session i noticed a big difference! good luck to you hang in the healing is definitely not the best part. v
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