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I rarely write reviews but I wanted to share my...

I rarely write reviews but I wanted to share my experience with Fraxel. Going through with this procedure was very nerve racking. I read review after review, terrified by the horror stories. However, after a short burst of cystic acne that left scars all over my cheeks, I was extremely self conscious of the condition of my skin. I saw a top laser specialist in Boston and he gave me very realistic expectations. That's the key. Your skin will never look perfect. But not many people have that to begin with.

I went through 5 rounds spaced a month or two apart. I was on a very high setting. The procedure itself was painful and inconvenient. Yes, it does hurt but it is bearable. I got the procedures done on Friday and couldn't leave my apartment all weekend. I was able to go to work Monday/Tuesday but had to deal with flaky and peeling skin.

I am year out and I am very pleased with the results. No, my skin is not flawless but the treatments minimized the scarring quite a bit. Despite the procedure being expensive, painful and inconvenient, it is worth it. I would do it again. However, I cannot stress the importance of going to a top laser specialist. This procedure is pretty serious and needs to be done by someone of a high skill level.

Hope this helps anyone considering Fraxel!
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Who is your doctor?
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Dr. Avram - Mass General
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Thanks for sharing.  What was your recovery like?

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Hi Jill, It takes about a full week to recover completely. The recovery was as follows: Day of Fraxel - skin was very swollen, felt sunburned. The pain subsides after an hour or two. Day 2: skin still very swollen and red. Day 3: Same as day two but a little better. I could generally put on tinted sunblock and a hat and run errands. Day 4 and 5: You can go outside (with sunblock), put makeup on, go to work, etc. Your skin flakes and peels. This is not the best look, but bearable. Do not scrub your skin, you need to let peeling happen naturally. Day 6 and 7: Peeling subsides, skin back to normal! *You have to be very cautious of sun. NO sun exposure at all before or after Fraxel treatments. I wore SPF 60 every single day and a full brimmed hat when spending long periods of time in the sun.
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Oh wow- it would be so hard to stay out of the sun!  Thanks for the info.  Glad you had a positive experience.

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