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I'm 18 Years Old and Got a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) - Sydney, AU

Okay so I have always disliked my profile of my...

Okay so I have always disliked my profile of my nose from the front view and side view. Everytime I would go out anywhere I would feel very uncomfortable and insecure when someone would look at me from the side view. I was 15 when I realized I hated my nose. So I decided to save up money and finally got the money at now (18). It was very hard saving up considering I had a lot of bills to pay and school fees and also the typical girl that likes shopping. Anyways I recently did it and everyone says you feel so much pain or its gonna hurt or your gonna get bruising under the eyes. All this I was expecting so I was prepared for it. I was very nervous and when I went into the surgeon room they made me inhale and exhale this type of drug that made me fall asleep without even 1 minute. The next thing I know is I could hear my nurse saying "it's all done now sweety" and I was so tied and could not believe I did not feel any pain at all what so ever. And to my suprise I had no bruising under the eyes and I think that's because I started taking "arnica" tablets 1 week prior to my surgery as it helps from swelling and bruising. It actually helped a lot. I recommend anyone going for rhinoplasty to take it one week before your surgery day.

It's my first day at home today and I feel no pain at all just on my nose a little bit of discomfort because of the external splint on top. In 1 week time my doctor "Dr William Mooney" is gonna take them off.

All I've been doing is resting in my bed with my 2 pillows to an angle and I still feel like the drugs is still inside me a little bit as I feel it's a bit hard to walk or to do anything and I get tired really quick. But then again it's only the first day so I understand.

I will update you more on my process and upload photos before and after.

I live in Sydney, Australia and my surgeon name is 'Dr William Mooney' and is located in Bondi Junction right across the train station. It cost me total of $13,100.

I would recommend anyone going for surgery in Sydney to choose 'Dr William Mooney' as he is an expert for more then 10 years and is absolutely amazing and makes you feel so comfortable. The most important thing is he takes care of you the whole time which is amazing.

Anyone have any more questions regarding my rhinoplasty feel free to email me on 'Diana.s@live.com.au'


Okay so today is the 4th day post op of my surgery...

Okay so today is the 4th day post op of my surgery and I feel better then before. I can walk, eat and talk without feeling so drowsy and run down. I think the anaestheia (don't know how to spell it) is finally coming out of my body. My nose feels like a blocked nose like I would be when I'm sick. I can't breathe through it as its blocked from all the dry blood. Tomorrow is my 5th day which I should be taking of my mask on my nose and then maybe I can breathe better
You're so pretty. I can't wait to see the results! Keep us updated!
You are gorgeous love your eyes, and your only going to look better!! hope you have a good recovery! :)
Thanks so much :) I just want to go out and show off my new nose but I gotta wait a few more days lol :)

Ok so today I took off my cast and I have attached...

Ok so today I took off my cast and I have attached a picture. It still a bit swollen but I am happy with the result.
Wow it looks gorgeous! :)congrats!
Thank you :) a bit swollen still

Hello, i just had mine done, ive heard its really good to have your nose taped tightly for a few weeks to give it a nice shape and help it swell it down, please let me know if your dr says the same thing. thanks


So I'm just patiently waiting for my next...

So I'm just patiently waiting for my next appointment which is in 5 days so I can get the stitches off. Does anyone know if they hurt? Lol and my nose is swollen and it looks still smashed up at the front like someone squished me or something but my doctor said "don't judge so quick and be patient your result comes after weeks " lol I know I should be patient but I hate waiting I just want it to be perfect already
Reported by Pinar Osman. As for a fantastic Turkish surgeons ill need to fly their to get my second surgery for my nose which shouldn't be needed after 15000 spent on that DR WIlliam Mooney. I will never recommended him to anyone. I hope your nose doesn't collapse girl. Good luck
What do you mean by collapse exactly?
I don't think you should recommend him to anyone NO ONE should go to him my nose Job has been 1 year now with DR WILLIAM MOONEY he isn't a good nose surgeon I had 2 other friends family that got their nose done around the same time I did I think their all dreadful they all collapse so no he isn't a good surgeon and my nostrils are uneven my nose is falling to one side rather than being centred and my mother didn't pay 15,000 for a dodgy surgery. I really got upset about this whole procedure with this dr William mooney I thought he would be something great but I was wrong and his mad sale technique attitude someone should punch him straight in his face. You know who I am dr mooney if you read this comment the Turkish girl Pinar Oman that I was in tears almost every visit.

it's been almost 4 months since my nose surgery

Okay so I have not been on this for like 3 months and just wanted to update you all. My nose is looking great. The swelling has gone down a lot. But it's still not finished as it takes like 6-12 months for final result and my skin is very oily so might take longer as said by dr William Mooney. This are some photos of me recently :)

More photos of my nose after almost 4 months

I can't believe it's been almost 4 months! I can get back to everything I used to do and my nose does not hurt not one bit. :)
Hi dee, Thanks for sharing your journey! I'm considering going with Dr Mooney myself but am concerned by some of the bad reviews. Are you still happy with your result? I'd so appreciate hearing back! Thank you
I went to Dr Mooney. It was the best decision of my life. He fixed a my nose after a horrible nose job. He has made my nose beautiful. People always comment on how nice my nose is. He was so kind in every consultation and really knew what he was doing. I can finally breathe and my nose is n't falling a part anymore. I highly recommend him. Some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to cosmetic surgery. He is a Dr not a magician. He has to work with what he is given. He cant make an ugly face pretty. I highly recommend. He was fantastic and HOT HOT HOT. Sexiest Doctor in history.
I had a nose, sinus and throat job done in 2010 and am recovering after having needed a follow up job done by another ENT specialist, He found what appeared to be a tumour the size of you fist in my sinus, which we later discovered was there on the ct scans from when Mooney operated in 2010. The growth was actually a fungus, which was covering another growth attached to the bone. My septum was supposed to be straightened by Mooney, but was clearly butchered, and had to be removed this time, rebuilt and reinstated. I am not sure I would recommend Mooney for both the poor work done on the septum and the inability to diagnose a growth that filled the entire sinus cavity. I would recommend Dr Ronald Chin, but he I don't think he is cosmetic.
Dr William Mooney


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