Hi everyone, I have loved reading so many reviews...

Hi everyone, I have loved reading so many reviews on this site and I think it is only fair to share my boob story with you all, I hope this at least helps someone as I share my journey.
I am 37 years old, 165cm tall and weigh about 57kg. I am married, 2 children and breast feed for 14 months with each child. I am a dance teacher and stilling performing.
Being a dance teacher I tend to always wear leotards to teach in and tight fitted clothing when performing.
When I am wearing a leotard I am starting to feel uncomfortable with the look of my breasts and how much they are sagging.
It's really important to me to look good in a leotard not only in the studio in front of my students but especially when performing. Nothing worst then seeing someone dancing with saggy boobs!!

1st Appointment with Dr

Well I had my first appointment on the 10th September, which I know that was awhile go. (only found this site last week)
I live about 2hrs and 1/2 away from Sydney. My husband came with me which was really nice to have his support and opinion.
I was so excited, finally taking action and I can make this dream come true to have full breasts and no no sagging boobs any more!!! Happy Dance..
When I walked into Dr Michael Miroshnik office I was greeted nicely by the girls at the desk and shown where to wait. Not long after Dr M invited me and my husband into his office. ( and can I just say, " he is one nice looking man, his eyes are stunning")
First I was asked some questions about my health and the reason why I was there.
Basically I said that I was not happy with the sagging and that my breast weren't full enough. I am a size 8c.
Well the time had come to show my girls, it was a bit confronting as I had to stand in front of a long mirror with Dr M touching , measuring breasts and in front of my husband. Lol. But saying that Dr M was gentle and made me feel comfortable as he asked many questions.
Dr M recommended that I have a bilateral breast augmentation surgery, my left breast sags more then my right breast and he suggested that 375 to fill up both breasts and that they would look even or go smaller with implants and have left breast not as full as right which would mean my left side would not be full as right.
The other option was to have a lift and I could go smaller with implants.
Oh what to do??? Dr M thought that I might be a 8DD which freaks me out totally not sure if I could handle having that size. But I don't want a lift and I don't want uneven breasts. I book my date for 10th December and go for 375 anatomic implants.. I am freaking out inside!!! Have I made a mistake????

Pictures of the girls

Here are some photos of my breast.
You will see what I am complaining about.
Sorry they are not the best pictures.


Reading up on as much information about breast surgery.
Your breast look very similar to mine. My ps wants to do a breast lift on the right side with an implant and just an implant on the right side to make it bigger. He suggested using saline implants so he would be able to make them as close as possible in size. Good luck with your upcoming procedure. I can't wait to see your results.
Hi there, when is your date for surgery? I have rang my doctor and he has suggested that if I don't want to go that big 375, he can lift left breast with implant and right breast only implant. So I feel a little better now as I can have way smaller implants! All the best with your new breasts. It's exciting!!
I am sorry, I just noticed the typo (lift left breast) I am sure you knew what I meant, lol! My surgery is December 19th. It is scary making all the decisions. My next appt is December 13th to finalize everything. Best of luck to you. Looking forward to seeing your results.

Can't do 375 implants!!

375 implants is doing my head in, I just can't do it, the thought of big boobs and dancing doesn't sit with me at all.
I want to still have small breasts but with a lift.
I rang my Doctor and told the receptionist that I was thinking of changing my size and wanted a lift as well. She was wonderful and said she would get Dr M to call back around 6:30pm to chat to me about this as I lived too far away to come in and chat.
Dr M rang and was so understanding and said " don't worry, we can lift left side with smaller implant 300 or less and right side with implant.
I was pretty happy with all that.
So my second appointment is the 19th November to try on different sizes with bra..
Not looking forward to paying the full amount, but hey has to be done!:)
375cc is not big at all! I think you will be satisfied with the results. So many girls always wish they would have gone bigger... Obviously at the end of the day, everyone has different wishes. You can go to my profile and look at my before/after photos!! Hope you will be happy with whatever you may choose! Happy Boob Hunting!
Thanks excited. Your breasts are beautiful...Wow! I just think I wouldn't be comfortable being 375cc, when Dr M put that size in my bra they were so heavy and I felt fat!! And being a dance teacher and still performing I don't want them to be in the way!!!

8dd bra

Brought a 8dd bra today to see how much more boob I would need to full this cup. Not too much. If I did go with 375cc, I think I would be a E cup for sure. Not for me I think.
Read your post, love your post on lotions on not getting stretch marks!! I think if you went too big for your frame it might give you a lot of back pain, your frame is very small. Your going to look amazing. Xx
Doing my surgery the 9th Dec one day before you! Awesome! Will have a healing buddy! The waiting is killing me hey.
Forgot to add im 170cm and weigh 57kg but my doc said he can't go bigger than 325 around there cause my skin is too tight and stuff. Bleh sucks but we have almost the same stats so thats pretty cool!

Pillow Talk

Any suggestions on pillows that would help me to be a little more comfortable after surgery?
Thanks MiMomBA for sharing. I am having a lift on my left breast and implant to try and match right breast with implant too. Fingers crossed. I had a look at your photos, you look amazing!!
Thank you, and the PS sounds like he/she knows what to do:) Again, blessings.
Hi! I did not get anything extra ordinary for sleeping. I just used pillows on either side to prop my arms up. I would think 300+ cc's might look great since you do already have nice breast volume. I have 350 cc's Mod+, and I like the size on me (5'5 118lb). However, your one breast might sit lower than the other if the PS does not make adjustments for that. My breasts are a bit asymmetrical now after BA, but they were before BA. Just so you are aware of this. If it bothers you, MAKE SURE the PS corrects this if possible while you are in surgery. From what I am seeing here, revisions are expensive and you do not want one if you can avoid it:) Congrats!

Boobs boobs and more boobs

Had to have a laugh today as all I really think about is boobs, the size, shape and so on. I have never read so much about implants and lifts!!! Lol


Well today I had to have a Pap smear. Yuck.:( but while I was there I asked my GP if I should get a mammogram before breast implants.
GP examined me and because I have not been on the pill for 15 yrs, age, no issues with breasts and looked at family history. I was at a low risk for cancer. So no test.
I am fine with that.:)
I feel nervous for you. It's only a month away. Good luck to you. Some of options can be very overwhelming.... which implant, what size, which profile, where to make the incision??? goodness I remember being almost confused about it.
I kn this coming week, will be 4 weeks for me! Can't wait for the both of us:)
Ready4tatas How close is it getting!!! Getting excited and nervous at the same time.

Rice pack

Will I placed rice packs on top of each breast, only 250. It's not much but felt huge.
One photo without rice.
I don't think I placed them very well. Lol

Rice pack

Oops forgot second photo.

New bodysuit

Brought a bodysuit today when I have nice full lifted boobs.
I've been following dr m on Facebook, he has sooooo many beautiful results. You are in good hands. I thought about going to him but it would be too costly for travel and accommodation :-(
Yes I think Mr M will do a good job. I have a friend that went to him and she is really happy with his work. All the best.:)
Hi MommyTwoTimes, yes I am so confused by it all, next week I will have another appointment with DrM, so I will sort it all out... Can I just say you look wonderful, such a tiny waist. xx :)

Sharing is caring!!:)

As my date gets closer, I have shared with many people that I am getting my breasts done.
Mostly everyone assumes that I am getting really big breasts especially men.
My girlfriends totally understand and my family too. Only a few turned up there noses but guess what I don't give a hoot what they think. My body, my choice!
Also being so open with ladies a lot have said they would love to fix there breasts and ask lots of questions.
Where I teach I have been open with some of the mums because they will see a difference I guess,when I come back in my leotard.
Gosh I hope everything goes well and my breasts look really good because I know a lot of people will be looking.:)
Good luck with everything. ..I'm an aussi and also an ex dancer myself. I think having good upper body strength is good for carrying the weight of the implants. I had 450cc in mine and I can barely notice them...I can do anything. I thought they would be bigger and heavier lol. Stay in touch and ask me anything you need hugs shelly xoxo
Thanks Shellysmall. Last appointment today. Excited. I will keep you posted! :) xx

2nd appointment

Well heading up to Bondi today for next appointment, feeling a little anxious as I need to decide on size and information on lift...
Will let you all know our it's goes.:)

Photo in leotard

Just a photo of myself in leotard, not much boob. Don't like where they sit.

Done and Dusted

Well I have finally decided on size, shape and how the breast implants will be placed.
Surgery is booked 10th December, I have to be 1hr before.
The size of implants will be 250cc or 275cc, they will be round, low profile and implants over muscles.
Oops forgot to tell you all I am having the left breast lifted.
I am hopping both my breasts will be even..
Mr M was lovely as usual, makes you feel comfortable answered all my questions. Can I just say also, he does have a good sense of humour.
After chat with Mr M, I am taken into Kate's office to go over procedures cost and given a folder with lots of information regarding surgery. Kate was sweet and encouraging.
Can't complain.
Happy Girl:)


Here are some photos of the entry of the office and Dr M office.

Photos again

Try again with photos.
great! well done! I'm so jealous that you get to go to Dr M!
Very cool office! :)

Mr M and Me!

Glad everything is decided and it sounds like you are in very good and caring hands. I wish you all the happiness xoxo


Oh my, the cost of procedure has really gone up..
My poor husband:(
I felt terrible when I realised that the cost now was $17000 with the left breast lift. By having this everything goes up, bilateral breast augmentation surgery $9780.00, breast lift $2750.00, anaesthetist $1375 and $3075.
I hope my breasts look really good.

That time of the month

I am so glad I got my period today as I didn't want them before surgery or after as I can suffer painful periods. So I can hit the drugs until Tuesday then no more.:)
tash22 we are becoming bestie boob friends!!!
Haha we so damn similar! Same situation with that time of the month lol!

Not Long Now

Well not long now, 2 weeks to go. I feel so excited but nervous at the same time.
I am actually starting to think I must be crazy putting something that is not natural in my body. I rang my doctor on Friday but couldn't talk to him as he was in surgery. He rang me on Monday which was great and I spoke to him again about size and he will be taking in 275cc and 300cc in operation room then will decide on what size looks best. Gosh I hope they look good, not under my armpits and lifted up.
good luck hope all goes well
Thanks Tan05 its getting closer now!!! (little scream)

1 week to go

Oh my gosh, one week to go!!!
My poor husband is so sick of me talking about boobs and the things that I wont be able to do and I keep reminding him that he will have to help extra for a little while.
Its such a drama when you have no family here to help, but all is good have called on a friend to help take girls to school, pick up and maybe stay the night if I have to stay in Sydney.
Not much more to say..:)
Hey my boobie friend. Its getting close for us! I can't wait and I'm terrified at the same time. Hope you're feeling better than me. Best of luck to you!!! (^^,)
Its getting so close!!! I was the same as you. ..it was all I could think of lol. Xoxo

Watch out!!!

Well it's tomorrow...
I have been so busy the last few days with parties,my dance school concert, children's school award night and cleaning house.
I really haven't had time to think about boob operation until now.
I am trying to get everything ready with kids and babysitter.
My surgery is at 9:30am so I have to leave here at 4:30am to get to Sydney on time. Have to be there at 8am.Early start.:(
My 2 best friends gave me the sweetest gift ever. I took photos, have a look girls!!
Well I am off to bed now, will chat soon. Xxx
Hey there im all done. No real pain so far not looking forward to day two tomorrow. But all the best to you its awesome so far!
Great news tash22. Hope your not feeling too much pain. Thinking of you babe. Xx
Yay, 2mr!!!! :)))))

Surgery Day

Waiting at hospital. Getting nervous!!
Good luck..thinking of you hugs Shelly xoxo
Thanks sweetie. How are you?
Good luck!

Done, Hello Girls!!

Well I am home tucked in bed no drip in left breast so I didn't have to stay the night in Sydney.( very happy with that)
Got to hospital at 8am and surgery didn't start until 10:15 so a lot of waiting. Everyone was so lovely at the hostipal.
I have never been so druged up before nice long sleep.
I was filmed for a research team when put under, so i am a star!!
Dr M came in did his amazing artwork on my chest and was lovey and kind as usual.
I can't believe how calm I was, not worry at all.
So the size implant I got was 275cc, I happy with that.:)
Chest tight, left side tender as that was the lift size. I am so grateful that I have a strong core, dancing differently has paid off for getting up and down.
Now for some photos, really swollen. I wonder how much the girls will go down and what size I am???
Chat soon girls. Xx
Hey fellow Aussie!! Looking great so far!! :)
You look fantastic already. ..so happy for you xoxo
They feel huge!! Hope they go down a bit.

Day 3

Well not too bad at the moment, little bit bloated haven't gone to toilet yet.:( I am finding the pain is worst in my ribs, I feel like I have been punched. Chest is tight. Otherwise I feel really good. I thought I might go for little walk today. I would love to take my dog but she is a crazy dog on lead!!
I have enclosed some more photos, the left side was the one I had a lift.
Congrats you look fab x Speedy recovery
If you still are clogged up I got my husband to go to the chemist and get a helper! They are a pack of about 4 tubes. Just had to squirt one up the bottie and I got relief quite quuckly. It was a life saver as I was starting to feel awful. ..like a bit poisoned from not going...and I felt so much better. So don't hesitate to do it hugs shelly xoxo
Oh you make me laugh girl!!! Lol

Day 4

Well I have been resting heaps, the meds make me sleep alot.
A lot of bloating, but finally I went to the toilet tonight, I was starting to feel really off.
I feel really fat at the moment, I am hoping these boobs go down a lot. Just high and perky please!
Getting a little itchy on cuts, still tight in chest. I am coping pretty good.


Day 5

Well feeling not too bad today, a bit of an upset belly then I got my periods again..way early. Not happy about that,just some more pain to add on to everything.
Went to church with family then food shopping and then slept all afternoon.
I will go through all my bras tomorrow and get rid of them, I am thinking I could be a 8DD, hope I am just one D.
Have been putting a few different lotions on breasts, Bio oil and Ro,s Argan body condition it's from lush, super rich. You can use in shower, but I use it after and the most amazing sent girls. I might try and pop into bodyshop and get coco butter stick this week. Not fussed on Bio oil.
Well that's all from me. Will post some photos of my girls tomorrow, nothing has changed.xx

Ro's Argan Body Condition

From lush, love it


Well today not feeling the best, got my periods that are painful and make my stomach more bloated. Cleaned the house very slowly but all done!
My daughters have finished school so they are helping me a little bit.
Started to go through my draws of bras that need to go, I feel so guilty because some of them I have hardley worn at all. Trying to find someone to give them too. Not cheap bras.
I am really tired today. I have promised to take my girls Christmas shopping tomorrow and I may go and buy 1 bra with no wires for all my up coming parties. I know Bras and Things now sells bras for girls with implants, the range just came out last month. Cool!!
Looking at my breasts today I think my right is dropping more then left, which I am not surprised as Dr M said he would make left side tighter when he does lift then hopefully they will be even as time goes by. I will post breasts again and my old bras!! Bye bye bras.
looking great!!!!
Thanks :)
Woo hoo...bye bye bras! I gave mine to a good friend and she was so happy as they too were expensive things and she doesn't have the money to spoil herself...so hopefully you can find someone who will appreciate them too :). Have fun shopping for new ones...I have a serious addiction. ..just wait for the sales!!!

Day 7

Brought 3 bras today and was fitted as a 8dd or 8e. I am thinking I will be 8dd. Brought bras without wires and with really soft material. I will wait for sales after Xmas and get a few more!!
Starting to get itchy where cuts are. That's all.:)
Looking fantastic girl...rocking that DD :)

Over it

Ok I am already over my bra that I have to wear 24/7. Before when I didn't have boobs I loved not wearing bras at home and being a dance teacher I didn't wear bras because I wore leotards.
Cleaned out clothes today, not too many things didn't fit up top. Tried on strapless swimmers and I couldn't believe they stayed up!!
That's awesome your tops fit now and the strapless ones too! So exciting;) your bras are so pretty.
Hi tash22, I think it's the tape that's on my breasts that's starting to drive me crazy too,getting itchy. I am having phone chat on Monday with Doctor as I live so far away and it's not worth going to visit for 10 minute appointment. But I think he is going to allow me to take tape off then put new tape on. I will have my sister here so she can help! My sister has had her breasts done and they are amazing, very big but look great on her. I am happy with size, I haven't danced with girls yet, so that will test if I like size. But looking at them, I am happy. Just hope they don't drop too much. I love them high.
Totally agree with you about the post opp bra! Your results look great so far! Are you happy with the size?

Taking the girls out!!

Last night had a Christmas Party with a lot of friends, who all knew about my implants, was funny walking into cocktail bar and everyone commenting!! Lots of positive comments. Funny how some wanted to touch!
Gotta love the coming out photos...you look very happy !!!

Christmas Eve

Hello everyone!!
Yesterday I spoke to my Doctors Nurse (Kate), on the phone for my first checkup since implants.
Kate lovely as always, said I was allowed to take tape off and replace with fresh tape.
Beinging honest,I was freaking out abit with removing tape from left breast that had the lift. I wasn't sure what I was going to see. But amazing work by Dr M really tidy stitching. Can't complain.
Feeling coming back in breasts, it can be painful when I step inside malls/houses with air conditioning then when I go outside and it is warm, oh the pain!
I have been having pain also in lower back, not sure if that's from new sleeping patterns or just new weight of breasts.
I have gone back to pain killers at night for back pain and nerves in breasts. Still can't hug anyone tight.
Some new photos, no tape.

More pictures

Congrats on your new boobies!! The already look fabulous !! At my Christmas party I was thinkin everyone would notice but our party was soo crazy big,,,, that I didn't see any of my co workers. Lol

Pain pain

Merry Christmas boob friends!!! Well the last few days have been busy, went away with my family and 2 groups of friends and spend time hanging in Sydney.
Boxing Day sales, I brought 2 wire free bras and matching undies.. 30% off.
Still a lot of nerve pain happening in my breasts, if the weather just stayed the same temperature I would not be in so much pain. Left breast still hurts to touch and the right is not so bad. No one can touch them as it hurts, I still can't hug anyone.
Waking up in the morning is painful too, my breasts are so rock hard.

With all this happening at least I know that my breasts are beginning to heal. :)
Your looking good!! :) hope your pain heals quickly! Hugs
Hey darling, sorry I haven't replied, I have been so tired. How are you going with your new breasts? I had a look at your photos, you look great girl. My breast are still sore and feel likes rocks in the morning. Left breast that had lift still very sore. But the Worst is nerve pain.
:(( so sorry ab the nerve pain, is the massaging helping? Don't worry ab not responding sooner:), everybody gets to it when they can :). Thank you btw!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.:)
Not much has been going on with my breasts, still sensitive. I haven't really been myself lately with new breasts, I have been so tired, had the flu and stomach bug. Have just felt yucky!!
I do love my breasts, not sure if I have gone to big, they are only 275cc. Going to help teach a ballet class next week, I won't be jumping. No way..
Went to a News Years Party and it was nice to wear a bikini top and feel it out finally!! Horray!!!:)
Sorry your not feeling better, hope you get well very soon! You look great in that top! You look like you had a fun time:) have a great ballet class next week!
Looking great girl...it keeps getting better xoxo

4 Weeks and 2 days

Hi everyone it's been just over 4 weeks since implants. Both breasts are starting to soften, the left side still a bit swollen, I am hoping it goes down abit to match other side.
I still think they are a bit too big for me, but praying I will get used to them. Did a ballet class, took it easy, it was lovely to move again. Was very happy to do turns and not fall over!!
My mission at the moment is trying to find a sports bra to wear under leotards with different backing. I don't want anyone to see bra. I have a feeling this will be hard.
Here is a update of breasts, as you can see left side a bit swollen.
Looks really good and the size too! Doesn't look too big for u. Looks perfect ! I hope you can find a sports bra. So fun shopping for bras!!
Wow, seriously looking great! Your healing so nice :) I just bought two Natori bras and one of them is a sports bra and is not only lovely, but super supportive! It reminded me of something a professional ballerina would wear for dance class:) best wishes in finding a good one.

Check up 7 weeks

I had my 7 week check up today.
Dr M was happy with my breasts, left side is lower then right as you will see in photos. Dr & I are hopping right will drop.
Dr M spoke about wearing really good bras, especially sports bras when active. So I have 2 already but I am going to get one with wires.
Don't have to see Dr M until July.
It's really nice to feel comfortable with my Dr, makes everything so much easier.
Some exciting news went back to Crossfit on Monday did some chin-ups, push-up, squats and a 5km run. Did'nt feel so bad and running wasn't a worry at all.
Back to teaching full time next week, I am pretty excited about getting back into everything.
Popped into Blochs to get a couple of leotards that fit the girls, I am sure I tried on about 20 and only ended up with 2. Very sad. Oh yeah they also had a sale rack and none of the leotards were right.. In the end I had to pay $80 per leotard. Crazy.
Well that's all from me now. Xx
They look great :) was debating to fly and see him but his out of my price range when you include flights and stuff :)
Looking great girl!! Just might have to pay more to protect the assets!! :)
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. From the moment I rang, the team has been so helpful and professional. :) What lovely man from when i stepped into his office I was treated with the most upper respect. Great team.

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