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I have now successfully gone from heavy, chubby...

I have now successfully gone from heavy, chubby ankles and calves to average/slim ones. I have wanted to do this for at least 8 years, since having cankles have made me way too self-conscious about my looks. I was always embarrassed about showing my legs, which you cannot avoid during the summer period. You are pretty far out, if you hate an entire (otherwise lovely) season just because of some misplaced body fat, which I literally did. I have always been told by my mom to love my self just the way I am, and TRUST me; I have really tried to accept my cankles and be self-confident about showing my legs. But I just could not stop feeling embarrassed about them, avoiding a lot of clothes and specific positions. Therefore, even though the healing is tough (!!), I am now absolutely thrilled to be rid of them!!

Overall I would say, girls, if you are in doubt about having this procedure done, really try to work on your mind before doing this. We can always find minor flaws about ourselves, and cosmetic procedures can easily become a slippery slope towards obsession with unrealistic perfection. With that said, if you are 100% sure that you cannot accept your cankles, I am so glad to tell you that you can now actually have them removed!! :D

Iam two days post vaser lipo of total lower body , i have almost done every type of plastic surgery but i have never felt that much pain before especially in my calves ! Swelling is too bad and iam walking on my toes cant walk normally , raising my legs all the time and i can feel fluid moving down ...surgeon didnot promise me of immediate result but i was desperate to get rid of the huge calves and get fit into boots ...i have to interview for job soon when shall i walk normally , i can barely sit ( i did my inner and outer thighs as well ) :'(
Post-opt week 3 I just wanted to give you an update on my post-opt week 3. I am healing up very nicely, with all my bruising gone as of yesterday. I could walk perfectly after two weeks, and was recommended to walk for 2-3 x 20 min. walks each day, to get my blood-circulation going and by this improve my healing. This apparently is very important. Even the day after surgery you should take 2 x 20 min. of slow walking to avoid blood cloths and to get oxygen to your wounds. I have also read a lot about how to best handle my incisions, and will really advise you to do a combination of three different things. To begin with, use steristrips to cover your incisions for the first 2-3 days. These will make drainage possible. After that use butterfly strips to close up the incisions, AND on top of these use hydrocolloid strips, so that the wound is kept moist. This is the perfect combination. If your wounds still get some air and form a crust under the bandage, pull this off in the shower and put new bandages on. If not, the crust will form an indentation into the leg, when your garments push down on the wound. Okay so this all seems a bit difficult, but if you are just consistent with keeping the wound moist, it can be healed up in as short as 12-18 days, where it can take up to 30 days to heal dry wounds and the scarring should also be less this way. I’m still struggling with my wounds, as I have not had this advice and had to go the trial and error way. My calves are still numb on the backside and I have a weird tingling and stingy feeling in small doses all day long, as the nerves are reconnecting. I still wear my garments religiously day and night, and this is important: its expensive, but do buy some heavy garments (30-40 mm Hg) to support you doing the day, and use the light garments (18-20) during the night, as this will make your swelling go away much faster. And don't follow a recipe on how long you should wear these; just wear them as long as you are still swollen, even if this takes up to four month. You can wear them under jeans and if you buy black ones they just look like normal socks. Okay enough advise from me. Hope you can use it and do ask if you are in doubt about anything I have talked about. It is always helpful to be well informed before doing something like this. I will post the final after-pics soon. Cheers ☺
Hi Danish Lady, I´m also scandinavian and is saving up to have this done. Is there ay way to be able to email you more questions. I would truly appreciate it. Its always extra nervous to have operations abroad. Best, Anna
Dr. Brian Kerr

I am from Denmark and there I have found no doctors who had experience with lipo on the lower legs. I could not find a good doctor to do this in other European countries either, except for the UK, but he was both rude and impatient with me and the cost of the procedure alone was the same as all my expenses in the US. I googled before and after pictures of liposuction on the lower legs and found amazing pictures done at Silk Touch MD Spa, Idaho, and would be glad just to get half of that result. So I wrote to their patient coordinator Donna, who answered all my many questions and arranged for me to come there, booking the hotel, ordering my meds and stockings and was really cool about the payment process. I took the big step and went on the long trip from Denmark to the states, and Dr. Kerr, his wife Susie and their sweet family have just been absolutely wonderful to me!! They were so caring, including and loving that I felt like I was being taken care of by my own family! This was absolutely vital for me, as I initially felt confused, alone and scared. If you want this procedure done and you are up for the trip, go to Dr. Kerr. He has made my lower legs look slim, even and beautifully shaped and the care was more than first class.

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