Bruising Seems Contradictive to Safe and Healthy - Boise, ID

I won my session so I guess I cannot complain...

I won my session so I guess I cannot complain about the ROI, but I am very skeptical about the bruising. The sides of my thighs looked like I had been in a car accident. Yes the tech did tell me there would be some bruising--I would call this more than "some". During the procedure, I mentioned to her 4 times it was uncomfortable--finally she turned it down. Here is my concern, why is this procedure causing so many of us to be in pain, get burned and bruised? I have read through these reviews and there seems to be a common tread--the docs or techs are either under-trained or just plain do not give a !@#$. Both of which--FDA approved or not--is down right scary. Ladies, I say be diligent and use caution. Ask a lot of questions, and before the procedure TELL (not ask) your tech that when you say you are uncomfortable they agree to listen!

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Wow, it certainly doesn't sound like you had the best experience. How long have the bruises on your thighs been there?

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I had the procedure 6 days ago. Still there,though they have diminished somewhat. If I continued as the tech suggested--every 7-10 days--I would be one big bruise. No thanks
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Yeah, I don't blame you. At least its winter so you can hide it easily with pants, but still!


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