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I am scheduled to have Body Jet by Aqua Shape on...

I am scheduled to have Body Jet by Aqua Shape on 8/21. I feel like this is something that i deserve having went from 289 lbs down to 221, but I have gained a few since then. I am anxious, nervous, and excited all in the same breath. I dont know what to expect, I am hoping for the best and praying for even better results than what I have been told. I plan on working out after I heal, being 27 with no kids I feel like I need to be the best shape ever! Wish me luck. I will load before and after pics later and give you a day by day of what I am going through to help your journey as well.


Hi there, how did your procedure go? I hope you're doing well, we'd love to have an update when you're feeling up to it!

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Good luck on Tuesday! I'm sure you'll do great. :)

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