Latisse - Little Difference, but Not Dramatic - Boca Raton, FL

I have used Latisse since July 6th. It has been 9...

I have used Latisse since July 6th. It has been 9 weeks and I think I see a little difference, but it certainly is not dramatic. My friend asked me yesterday if I was still using the stuff.

I am concerned that maybe the permanent eyeliner I have tattooed on my eyelid is getting in the way. Thanks!

Will permanent eyeliner get in the way of results with Latisse? I have tattooed eyeliner along my upper eyelids.


My mom has tatoo eyeliner and she had nothing for lashes or length and 12 weeks later longer darker thicker lashes. It looks like she curls her lashes but she doesn't not even mascara.
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Thanks for reply! I am starting to see the difference more now.
Hi. I would go to their website and ask them or ask the Place that you got it from. Maybe it does interfere, or maybe you are reacting slow. You won't know until the full 16 weeks (4 months) keep using it until 16 weeks and see what happens. Make sure you use it everyday and are consistent!
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