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After 5 years of dropping weight, I have gone from...

After 5 years of dropping weight, I have gone from an earth shattering 440 to 250. I look good, provided i never take off my shirt, but next month that changes. I decided it was important enough to.me that I share my experience, so that any other big guy out there who feels like they will never feel comfortable in their own skin will know they aren't alone. I am 32 years old, 6"4 ,and finally decided that even though I have done most of the wo r k to get this far, I will need to fix this to truly be satisfied. I will post pics and will be happy to answer questions before and after for anyone who is considering taking this huge leap forward!

Hey welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your journey with us:) 

You have done an amazing job with the weight loss and you should be proud!  Definitely post the before and after pictures for us.   Keep us up to date on everything.

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